This is our workspace for collaborating, posting interesting resources, and leaving a record of our work for future cohorts.  This portal is designed to be a dynamic environment that will change over time as the members of Cohort 1 interact with the content, provide feedback on continued enhancements, and add content of their own. 

VUSD Instructional Focus Statement   

In order to build a solid foundation for college and career readiness, all students will independently and collaboratively read and engage in structured, accountable academic discourse to synthesize, apply, and articulate their understanding of academic content across disciplines and present knowledge and ideas through innovative products and solutions.

An Expansive Model for Decision Making

Some of the work related to the California Common Core transformation will emanate from teachers who will help develop and innovate, passing ideas throughout the district. Other initiatives will emanate from the different groups within the school district, with opportunities for stakeholders to improve and adjust the work, as different groups get involved in the process.

“It does not mean adopting innovations, one after another; it does mean producing the capacity to seek, critically assess, and selectively incorporate new ideas and practices—all the time, inside the organization as well as outside it.” (Fullan, 2001)


Teacher Innovation With Structured Support

To increase the capacity of teacher leaders, the district will partner with outside groups to plan and implement professional growth strands for certificated staff that culminate in “Endorsements” in the areas of global competencies and the California Common Core State Standards. Teachers will engage in opportunities to co-create, innovate, and refine techniques and strategies that support high-quality teaching and learning.

The Cohort 1 ELA Teams have collectively set their goals and tasks for the first year of the Teaching Endorsement process. Please see file below.