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Zheng Jason Song

Assistant Professor @ University of Michigan--Dearborn



I received my second PhD in Computer Science (with a focus on distributed systems and software engineering) from Virginia Tech USA in 2020, and the first PhD (with a focus on wireless networking and mobile computing) from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications China in 2015. I worked as a software engineer at Sina for one year after I graduated as a master from China Agriculture University in 2009I received the Best Paper Award from IEEE International Conference on Edge Computing in 2019. 


  • Will Join CIS@UM Dearborn in September 2020

  • One paper on Reliable Edge Computing was accepted by IEEE ICDCS 2020.

  • Ph.D. Thesis Defense: May/8/2020, Committee Members: Dr. Ali R. Butt, Dr. Christine L Julien, Dr. Dimitrios Nikolopoulos, Dr. Francisco Servant, and Dr. Eli Tilevich


  • Best Paper Award IEEE Edge'19 

  • 2nd place in ACM SRC@MobileSoft'15

  • Adviser of VTURCS Capstone Project 3rd place People's Choice Award/3rd Industry Award

Research Interests

  • Distributed System and Middleware

  • Software Engineering

  • Mobile Computing and Edge Computing

Selected Publications


  • Zheng "Jason" Song and Eli Tilevich, "Win with What You Have: QoS-Consistent Edge Services with Unreliable and Dynamic Resources," Proceedings of the 40th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS 2020), July 2020, Acceptance rate: 18%. [Paper]

  • Zheng "Jason" Song and Eli Tilevich, "Equivalence-Enhanced Microservice Workflow Orchestration to Efficiently Increase Reliability" Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Web Services (IEEE ICWS 2019), July 2019. [Paper, Slides]

  • Zheng "Jason" Song and Eli Tilevich, "A Programming Model for Reliable and Efficient Edge-Based Execution Under Resource Variability," Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Edge Computing (IEEE EDGE 2019), July 2019.  [Paper, Slides] Best Paper Award

  • Zheng Song and Eli Tilevich, "PMDC: Programmable Mobile Device Clouds for Convenient and Efficient Service Provisioning," Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing (IEEE Cloud 2018), July 2018.  [Paper]

  • Zheng Song, Sanchit Chadha, Antuan Byalik, and Eli Tilevich, "Programming and Runtime Support for Sharing Resources Across Heterogeneous Mobile Devices," Proceedings of the 5th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Mobile Software Engineering and Systems (MobileSoft 2018), May 2018.  [Paper]

  • Yin Liu, Zheng Song, and Eli Tilevich, "Querying Invisible Objects: Supporting Data-Driven, Privacy-Preserving Distributed Applications," Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Managed Languages & Runtimes (ManLang 2017), September 2017. 

  • Zheng Song, Minh Le, Young-Woo Kwon, and Eli Tilevich, "Extemporaneous Micro-Mobile Service Execution Without Code Sharing," The 9th International Workshop on Hot Topics in Planet-Scale Mobile Computing and Online Social Networking (HotPOST), June 2017.

  •  Minh Le, Zheng Song, Young-Woo Kwon, and Eli Tilevich, "Reliable and Efficient Mobile Edge Computing in Highly Dynamic and Volatile Environments," Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Fog and Mobile Edge Computing (FMEC), May 2017. 

  • Xi, Teng, Wendong Wang, Edith C-H. Ngai, Zheng Song, Ye Tian, and Xiangyang Gong. "Energy-efficient collaborative localization for participatory sensing system." In 2015 IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), pp. 1-6. IEEE, 2015. 

  • Zheng Song, Edith Ngai, Jian Ma, Xiangyang Gong, Yazhi Liu and Wendong Wang, "Incentive Mechanism for Participatory Sensing under Budget Constraints", WCNC’14

  •  Zheng Song, Bo Zhang, Chi Harold Liu, Jian Ma, and Wendong Wang, "Energy-efficient QoI-aware Participant Selection”, SECON’14. 


  • Song, Zheng Jason, Jing Pu, Junjie Cheng, and Eli Tilevich. "Performance and programming effort trade-offs of Android persistence frameworks." Journal of Systems and Software 146 (2018): 99-111. [Paper]

  •  Fang, Youjia, Xin Chen, Zheng Song, Tianzi Wang, and Yang Cao. "Modelling Propagation of Public Opinions on Microblogging Big Data Using Sentiment Analysis and Compartmental Models." International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems (IJSWIS) 13, no. 1 (2017): 11-27. 

  • Zhang, Bo, Chi Harold Liu, Jianyu Lu, Zheng Song, Ziyu Ren, Jian Ma, and Wendong Wang. "Privacy-preserving QoI-aware participant coordination for mobile crowdsourcing." Computer Networks 101 (2016): 29-41. 

  • Gao, Hui, Chi Harold Liu, Wendong Wang, Jianxin Zhao, Zheng Song, Xin Su, Jon Crowcroft, and Kin K. Leung. "A survey of incentive mechanisms for participatory sensing." IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials 17, no. 2 (2015): 918-943. 

  • Zhang, Bo, Zheng Song, Chi Harold Liu, Jian Ma, and Wendong Wang. "An event-driven QoI-aware participatory sensing framework with energy and budget constraints." ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (TIST) 6, no. 3 (2015): 42. 

  • Song, Zheng, Chi Harold Liu, Jie Wu, Jian Ma, and Wendong Wang. "Qoi-aware multitask-oriented dynamic participant selection with budget constraints." IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 63, no. 9 (2014): 4618-4632.


  • Qinli, K. O. U., Ye Tian, Wendong Wang, and Zheng Song. "Method and apparatus for discovering social ties based on cloaked trajectories." U.S. Patent Application 15/554,520, filed February 15, 2018. 

  • Yunjuan, Y. A. N. G., Ye Tian, Zheng Song, and Wendong Wang. "Apparatus, method and computer program product for privacy protection." U.S. Patent Application 15/772,921, filed November 1, 2018.


  • Serve on the TPC of ECOOP'20 Doctoral Symposium.
  • Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, MobiQuitous'19, PMC, IEEE Access, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing,  ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security, Software: Practice and Experience, MONET, VTC'14, ICC'14,  KSII TIIS;
  • External Reviewer:  ECOOP'20, TSE, MobileSoft'17, Middleware'16

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