Zheng Song (Jason) 宋峥

Email: songz [AT] vt [DOT] edu 


I am now a Ph.D student in CS department of Virginia Tech, and my supervisor is Prof. Eli Tilevich. My current research topic is middleware and framework for mobile device cooperation. I am also interested in wearable devices and mobile computing. 

Education and Working Experiences
  • 2009-2010 I worked as Software Engineer in R&D center of Sina. 
    • Was in charge of coding and maintaining the server's side program of the online map service of Sina. My daily work included: developing new functions, getting rid of repetition data from different sources, adding a cache strategy for frequently queried POIs, service-log monitoring and analysis, and supporting colleagues from other groups.
    • l Proposed a real-time traffic monitoring method using raw data from road-deployed sensors and implemented it on cluster servers containing 2 controllers and more than 20 workers, where the workers were responsible for detailed data-processing tasks and the controllers were responsible for controlling and data fusion. The data processing and data fusion programs were written in the PHP programming language, and the cooperation among controllers and workers was constructed by Shell, Python and MySql.
  • 2002-2009 I received my BS/MS degree from CS department of China Agriculture University.
    • Thesis: Image Registration for 3D Reconstruction from Serial Slices Image
Research Interests:

Software Engineering in Mobile Devices: Enabling device cooperation;

Mobile Applications: Participatory Sensing, Indoor Localization, Novel applications based on wearable devices,  etc. 

Selected Publications:

[1] Zheng Song, Edith Ngai, Jian Ma, Xiangyang Gong, Yazhi Liu and Wendong Wang, "Incentive Mechanism for Participatory Sensing under Budget Constraints", IEEE WCNC'14
[2] Zheng Song, Bo Zhang, Chi Harold Liu, Jian Ma, and Wendong Wang, "Energy-efficient QoI-aware Participant Selection, IEEE SECON'14
[3] Zheng Song, Edith Ngai, Jian Ma, and Wendong Wang, "A Novel Incentive Mechanism for Participatory Sensing ", IEEE/ACM IWQoS'14
[4] Zheng Song, Bo Zhang, Chi Harold Liu, Bo Han, Hui Gao, Jian Ma, and Wendong Wang, "Incentive Mechanisms for Participatory Sensing: Existing Solutions and Future Directions, major revision, IEEE Comm. Mag.
[5] Zheng Song, Chi Harold Liu, Jian Ma, Jie Wu and Wendong Wang, "Multi-Task-Oriented Dynamic Participant Selection with Budget Constraints, IEEE Transaction on Vehicular Technologies.
[6] Zheng Song, Yazhi Liu, Jian Ma, Wang Wendong, and Xiangyang Gong, "Short Paper: Multi-Task-Oriented Dynamic Participant Selection for Vehicle Sensing ", IEEE VNC'13
[7] Zheng Song, Jian Ma, Mingming Dong, and Wendong Wang, "Phone-Radar: Infrastructure-free Device-to-device Localization",  IEEE VTC'14
[8] Zheng Song, Long Cheng, Yongping Xiong, Xiong Li, Wendong Wang, and Jian Ma. "Dead-Reckoning Assisted WiFi Based Indoor Pedestrian Localization." ComNet-IoT, January 3 (2012)