I am Subhashree Radhakrishnan, Computer Engineering Masters student at Virginia Tech advised by Prof.Dr.Jia Bin Huang. My Research interests lie at the intersection of Language and Vision. I am particularly interested in Visual Scene Understanding, Object detection and Natural Language Grounding in Video Domain.

I am currently interning at NVIDIA in the Intelligent Video Analytics team [Metropolis AI City]. I work on designing deep learning models for Surveillance application. I created a network for identifying a real person/ spoof at camera controlled entrance. I also worked on designing/ deploying networks for specific use cases in airport surveillance. The final models were implemented as part of Deep Stream SDK.

In Fall 2017, I was computer vision research assistant in the Virginia Tech Unmanned Systems Lab where I worked as part of Dupont [NSF Funded] project on weed classification amongst crops from aerial images. The use case was to navigate pesticide sprayer drone based on the identified weed locations. I had used HOG based feature extractor, SVM classifier.

Previously, I had completed my Bachelor's in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from Amrita Scool Of Engineering (Coimbatore) advised by Prof.Supriya.P. I spent my final semester as an exchange student in Paderborn University - Germany where I had worked as part of Flora Robotica team under Prof.Dr.Heiko Hamann on developing computer vision algorithms for distributed robotics.

I was nominated as Summer Research Fellow by IAS in the year 2015 as part of which I spent a summer in India's Prime University Indian Institute of Sciences under the advisory of Prof.Dr.G.N.Rathna. I had worked on speech emotion recognition using Hybrid features [OSALPC,LPCC,LFCC,MFCC] and GMM modelling.


I am an ardent orator and an official member of Toastmasters. I was one amongst the National Level semi-finalists of the ICTACT Youth Talk. I was also the winner of Amrita Public Speaking Contest(Press Coverage).

I enjoy reading and writing (some can be found in my blog). I especially have a penchant for learning new words in English and tracing it's etymology. I am also interested in Carnatic music singing and playing violin.


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