Carrying a Shell

Carrying the Load

Carrying a boat is a pretty simple process but there are a few details that need to consider.  At some point, all rowing teams have an opportunity to carry a shell longs distances and over uneven ground. It is important to follow a few simple guidelines. 

·         Carrying the boat from the ends so the load it distributed to all athletes. Placing athletes in the middle could make them the fulcrum point on a lever forcing them to carry the entire load of the boat. 

·         No matter where you have people in the boat it is important that athletes of relativity the same height be placed opposite each other on either end of a shell.

·         Do not be afraid to add additional rowers when carrying a boat.  This is especially true of weaker and or less fit athletes.  Allowing boats to be carrying by those who struggle could result in physical injury and damaged equipment.

·         Make sure everyone is contributing to the work.  When athletes do not have the boat of their shoulder they need to press as much as possible to help others. 

Good Carry

Here you can see the team is of equal height and distributed at either end of the boat.

Not so Good.

The team is equally distributed on either end but it easy to see the young lady in the front is really not contributing to the work.