Welcome to my webpage.

I am currently a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor with tenure) in Economics and Finance at Cardiff School of Management at Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. My research interest is in Economic Theory and Game Theory with specific concentration on Stochastic Games. I am currently working on collusion and competition among firms competing a la Bertrand. I am also developing a model of social coalition formation under specific social norms with infinitely interacting agents. Please refer to my research page for a more detailed overview of my current research.

As a secondary field of interest, I have done some research in mechanics and applied physics.

I am currently serving in the Schools' Outreach sub-committee of the Royal Economic Society as part of its Discover Economics campaign.

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I am honoured to be an advisee of (late) Professor David L. Russell, a distinguished mathematician and scholar of Mathematical Control Theory and its applications.

Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye

(Sanskrit, Vishnu Purana)

(That is Knowledge which Liberates)