Former Ph.D. and M.S. Students

Former Ph.D. Students

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Kristine Cantin-Garside (2019) “Behavioral Monitoring to Identify Self-Injurious Behavior among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder," Data Scientist, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson, Raritan, NJ. LinkedIn
Mohammad Iman Mokhlespour Esfahani Mohammad Iman Mokhlespour Esfahani (2018) “Development and Assessment of Smart Textile Systems for Human Activity Classification," Research Fellow, Department of Mechanical Engineering, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. LinkedIn
Saad Alabdulkarim Saad Alabdulkarim (2017) “Assessing the Relationship between Occupational Injury Risk and Performance: the Efficacy of Adding Adjustability and Using Exoskeletons in the Context of a Simulated Drilling Task,” Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering Department, College of Engineering, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. LinkedIn
Alireza Sedighi Alireza Sedighi (2017) “Applications of motor variability for assessing repetitive occupational tasks,” Senior Research Engineer, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Bone and Joint Center, Henry Ford Hospital. LinkedIn
Ehsan Rashedi Ehsan Rashedi (2015) “Localized Muscle Fatigue: Theoretical and Practical Aspects in Occupational Environments,” Assistant Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology. LinkedIn
Xuefang Wu Xuefang Wu (Co-chair M. Madigan, 2015) “Toward understanding factors affecting falls among individual who are obese,” Device Development Engineer, Pharmaceutical company.
Ralph Cullen Ralph Cullen (2014) “Multimodal Multitasking: The Combined Effects of Postural and Cognitive Demands on Overall Workload,” User Experience Researcher, State Farm, Atlanta, GA. LinkedIn
Marc Christian Marc Christian (2014) “Biomarkers of Physiological Damage and their Potential for Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorder Risk Assessment,” Ergonomics Specialist, BMW Group, Munich, Germany.
Courtney Webster Courtney A. Webster (2013, SBES*) “Effects of running speed, fatigue, and bracing on motor control of chronically unstable ankles,” Biomechanics Post-Doc, HRED Army Research Lab, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. LinkedIn
Khoirul Muslim Khoirul Muslim (2013) “Traditional posterior load carriage: ergonomic assessment and intervention efficacy,” Assistant Professor, Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia. LinkedIn
Bochen Jia Bochen Jia (2013) “Influence of prolonged sitting and psychosocial stress on lumbar spine kinematics, kinetics, discomfort, and muscle fatigue,” Assistant Professor, Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering, University of Michigan – Dearborn. LinkedIn
Nima Toosizadeh Nima Toosizadeh (2013) “Time-dependent assessment of the human lumbar spine in response to flexion exposures: in vivo measurement and modeling,” Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering, University of Arizona. LinkedIn
Hongbo Zhang Hongbo Zhang (co-chair M. Agnew, 2013) “Developing and evaluating new methods for assessing postural control and dynamics,” Assistant Professor, Department of Computer and Information Science, Virginia Military Institute. LinkedIn
Jung Yong Lee Jung Yong Lee (2013) “Quantifying the effects of experience on motor behaviors during simulated occupational tasks,” Senior Engineering Researcher, Product UX Strategy Team, Hyundai Motor Company, Seoul, South Korea. LinkedIn
Sunwook Kim Sunwook Kim (2012) “Development and evaluation of methods to assess physical exposures in the workplace,” Research Scientist, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech. ResearchGate    Google Scholar
Brad Hendershot Bradford Hendershot (2012, SBES*) “Alterations and asymmetries in trunk mechanics and neuromuscular control among persons with lower-limb amputation: exploring potential pathways of low back pain,” Sr. Research Biomedical Engineer, DOD/VA Extremity Trauma and Amputation Center of Excellence (EACE) and Director, Biomechanics and Virtual Reality Labs, WRNMMC. LinkedIn
Lora Cavuoto Lora Cavuoto (2012) “Evaluating obesity-related differences in upper extremity and trunk muscular capacity,” Associate Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering, University at Buffalo. LinkedIn
Leanna Horton Reardon Leanna Horton Reardon (2012) “The effects of job rotation parameters on localized muscle fatigue and performance: an investigation of rotation frequency and task order,” Industrial Engineer, Michelin, Greensville, NC. LinkedIn
Ranjana Mehta Ranjana Mehta (2011) “Interactive effects of physical and mental workload: a study of muscle function, capacity and exertion type.,” Assistant Professor, Environmental and Occupational Health, Texas A&M University. ResearchGate
Dingding Lin Dingding Lin (2010) “Effects of localized muscle fatigue on postural control: interactive effects with inclined surfaces and unexpected loads, and intervention efficacy,” Staff Researcher, IBM China Research Laboratory, Beijing, China. LinkedIn
Linsey Barker Steege Linsey Barker Steege (2009) “Measuring and modeling the effects of fatigue on performance: Specific application to the nursing profession,” Associate Professor, School of Nursing, University of Wisconsin – Madison. LinkedIn
Myrna Callison Myrna Callison (2009) “Identification, evaluation and control of physically demanding patient-handling tasks in an acute care facility,” OHS Portfolio Executive Officer, Assistant Chief, Army Medical Specialist Corps, US Army Public Health Command, Baltimore, MD. LinkedIn
Gyouhyung Kyung Gyouhyung Kyung (2008) “An integrated human factors approach to design and evaluation of the driver workspace and interface: Driver perceptions, behaviors, and objective measures,” Associate Professor, Department of Human & Systems Engineering, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), South Korea. LinkedIn
Xingda Qu Xingda Qu (2008) “Development and evaluation of postural control models for lifting motions and balance control,” Professor, College of Mechatronics and Control Engineering, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen, China.
Martin Tanaka Martin Tanaka (2008) "Biodynamic analysis of human torso stability using finite time Lyapunov exponents," Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director, Department of Engineering and Technology, Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC. LinkedIn
Deborah E. Young Deborah E. Dickerson (2007) "Evaluation of dust control technologies for drywall finishing operations: industry implementation trends, worker perceptions, effectiveness and usability," Associate Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA. LinkedIn
Shane McLaughlin Shane McLaughlin (2007, co-advisor with T. Dingus) "Analytic assessment of collision avoidance systems and driver dynamic performance in rear-end crashes and near-crashes," Research Scientist, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, Blacksburg, VA.
Laura Hughes Ikuma Laura Hughes Ikuma (2007, co-advisor with K. Babski-Reeves) "The influence of multiple risk factors on WMSD risk and evaluation of measurement methods used to assess risks," Associate Professor, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA. LinkedIn
Yassierli Yassierli (2005) "Muscle fatigue during isometric and dynamic efforts in shoulder abduction and torso extension: age effects and alternative electromyographic measures," Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia.
Miguel Perez Miguel Perez (2005) "Prediction of whole-body lifting kinematics using artificial neural networks," Center Director, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, Blacksburg, VA. LinkedIn
Hardianto Iridiastadi Hardianto Iridiastadi (2003) "Localized muscle fatigue during isotonic and nonisotonic isometric efforts," Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia.
Angela DiDomenico Angela DiDomenico (2003) "An investigation on subjective assessments of workload and postural stability under conditions of joint mental and physical demands," Human Factors / Biomechanics Expert, ARCCA Incorporated, Penns Park, PA. LinkedIn

Former M.S. Students

Click a title in blue to see the thesis abstract.

Denean M. Kelson Denean M. Kelson (2018) “Muscle Activation Patterns and Chronic Neck-Shoulder Pain in Computer Work,” Ph.D. Student, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech.
Xu Duan Xu Duan (2017) "Influence of Gender and Obesity on Motor Performance, Neuromuscular Control and Endurance in Older Adults," Ergonomist, Tesla Motors.
Steven Voinier Steven Voinier (2015) “Passive Stiffness Characteristics of the Scoliotic Lumbar Torso in Trunk Flexion, Extension, Lateral Bending, and Axial Rotation,” Mechanical Engineer, KBR, Inc. LinkedIn
Matthias Treff Matthias Treff (2014) “An Investigation of Musculoskeletal Imbalances in the Thoracic and Cervical Regions, with Respect to an Improved Diagnostic Approach for Upper Crossed Syndrome,” Software/System Engineer, Accenture. LinkedIn
Joe Angles Joseph Angles (2013) “Usability of Fall Arrest Harnesses,” Safety Engineer, Flint Hills Resources. LinkedIn
Navaneeta Dorbala Navaneeta Dorbala (2012) “Quantification of Cumulative Load on the Knee using a Vibration Emission Method,” Support Engineer, Intergraph. LinkedIn
Anuj D. Mistry Anuj D. Mistry (2011) “Effects of Yoga on Low Back Stability, Strength and Endurance,” Certification Engineer, Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute.
Robin Littlejohn Robin Littlejohn (co-chair K.L. Babski-Reeves; 2008) "Thermographic assessment of the forearm during data entry tasks: a reliability study," Graduate Student Researcher, National Center for Human Factors Engineering in Healthcare. LinkedIn
Ravi Kant Ravi Kant (co-chair K.L. Babski-Reeves; 2007) "Effect of work exposure on maximum acceptable repetition rates in a manual torquing task," Senior Engineer, Patni Computer Systems Ltd, Mumbai, India.
Hongbo Zhang Hongbo Zhang (2006) "Use of statistical mechanics methods to assess the effects of localized muscle fatigue on stability during upright stance," Research Staff, Department of Recsports, Virginia Tech. LinkedIn
Renate van Zandwijk Renate Van Zandwijk (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam; 2006) "Reliability of COP- and COM-based measures and relative sensitivity to induced localized muscle fatigue," Doctoral Candidate, Excercise Science, The University of Texas at Austin. LinkedIn
Navrag Singh Navrag Singh (2005) "Evaluation of circumferential ankle pressure as an ergonomic intervention to maintain balance perturbed by localized muscular fatigue of the ankle joint," Research Associate, ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland. LinkedIn
Dong-Jae Shin (2005) "Performance and usability of flexible membrane keyboards."
Andrea Krausman Andrea Krausman (2004) "Effects of chemical protective clothing on task performance using wearable input devices," Research Psychologist, U.S. Army Research Lab, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD and Doctoral Student, Virginia Tech.
Deepti Sood (2004) "Predicting shoulder fatigue for long durations using psychophysical measures obtained from short trials," Senior Process Engineer, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Hopewell Junction, NY.
Kris Hager Kris Hager (2003) "Reliability of fatigue measures in an overhead work task: a study of shoulder muscle electromyography and perceived discomfort," Associate Director, Hepatitis C Marketing, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Greater New York City area, NY. LinkedIn
Kim Sherman Kim Sherman (2003) "An evaluation of fatigue and performance changes during intermittent overhead work," Lean Leader, Tesla Motor, Fremont, CA. LinkedIn
Aaron Mooney Aaron Mooney (2002) "Usability evaluation of notebook computers and cellular telephones among users with visual and upper extremity disabilities," Usability Analyst, SAS, Raleigh-Durham area, NC. LinkedIn ("Sign in" required)
Hope Nesteruk Hope Johnson Nesteruk (2001) "Strength and subjective limits for repetitive manual insertion tasks," Human Factors Engineer, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Rockville, MD. LinkedIn ("Sign in" required)
Greg Edwards Greg Edwards (2000, Co-chair W. Barfield) "Performance and usability of force feedback and auditory substitutions in a virtual environment manipulation task," Human Factors Engineer, AT&T Labs, Austin, TX. LinkedIn
Andrew Lang Andrew Lang (2000) "The correlation between biomechanical loads and psychophysical ratings," Principal Human Factors Engineer, Bombardier Transportation, Pittsburgh, PA. LinkedIn
Angela DiDomenico Angela DiDomenico (1999) "Finger force capability: measurement and prediction using anthropometric and myoelectric measures," Human Factors / Biomechanics Expert, ARCCA Incorporated, Penns Park, PA. LinkedIn
Miguel Perez Miguel Perez (1999) "Empirical evaluation of models used to predict torso muscle recruitment patterns," Center Director, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, Blacksburg, VA. LinkedIn
Meg Lanza Margaret Kirst Lanza (1999) "Effects of tool weight on fatigue and performance during short cycle overhead work operations," Director of Operations and Engineering, Robert Bosch, Charleston, SC. LinkedIn
Noris Torres Noris Torres (1998) "Effects of training in modifying work methods and behaviors during common patient handling activities," Vice President and Health Systems Engineer, CIRACET Corp, Ponce, Puerto Rico. LinkedIn