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Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers

 New   Aviles, J., Allin, L. J., Alexander, N. B., Van Mullekom, J., Nussbaum, M. A. & Madigan, M. L. (2019). Comparison of Treadmill Trip-Like Training Versus Tai Chi to Improve Reactive Balance Among Independent Older Adult Residents of Senior Housing: A Pilot Controlled Trial, The Journals of Gerontology: Series A, 74(9): 1497-1503.

Balance-biomechanics, Exercise, Falls, Gait-biomechanics

 New   Mokhlespour Esfahani, M. I. & Nussbaum, M. A. (2019). Using smart garments to differentiate among normal and simulated abnormal gaits", Journal of Biomechanics, 93: 70-76.

Smart shirt; Smart socks; Smart textile systems; Simulated abnormal gait; Gait classification

Mokhlespour Esfahani, M. I. & Nussbaum, M. A. (2019). Classifying Diverse Physical Activities Using “Smart Garments", Sensors, 19(14):3133 (14 pages).

smart garment; smart textile system; wearable sensor; smart shirt; smart socks; physical activities; classification; human health

Sedighi, A. & Nussbaum, M. A. (2019). Exploration of different classes of metrics to characterize motor variability during repetitive symmetric and asymmetric lifting tasks. Scientific Reports, 9:9821 (9 pages).

Alabdulkarim, S., Kim, S. & Nussbaum, M. A. (2019). Effects of exoskeleton design and precision requirements on physical demands and quality in a simulated overhead drilling task. Applied Ergonomics, 80: 136-145.

Exoskeleton; Performance; Precision

Mokhlespour Esfahani, M.I., Nussbaum, M. A., & Kong, Z. J. (2019). Using a smart textile system for classifying occupational manual material handling tasks: evidence from lab-based simulations. Ergonomics, 62(6): 823-833.

Smart shirt, smart socks, wearable sensor, exposure assessment, manual material handling

Barbieri, D. F., Srinivasan, D., Mathiassen, S. K. and Oliveira, A. B. (2019). Variation in upper extremity, neck and trunk postures when performing computer work at a sit-stand station. Applied Ergonomics, 75, 120-128.

Office work, Adjustable table, Posture variation, Job variance ratio (JVR), Sedentary behaviors

Conference Papers

Srinivasan. D., Mathiassen S.E., and Huysmans M.A. "Between subjects and between days variance in occupational sitting time among seasoned users of sitstand workstations," American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Exposition 2017, Seattle USA.

Srinivasan D., Mathiassen S.E., Barbieri D.F. and Oliveira A.B. "Do sit-stand workstations increase variation in upper arm postures while performing computer-intensive office work?" XXIXth Annual International Occupational Ergonomics & Safety Conference, 2017, Seattle, USA.