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(updated October 2018)

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Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers

 New   Barazandeh, B., Bastani, K., Rafieisakhaei, M., Kim, S., Kong, Z. J. abd Nussbaum, M. A. (2018). Robust Sparse Representation-Based Classification Using Online Sensor Data for Monitoring Manual Material Handling Tasks. IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, 15(4), 1573-1584.

Manual material handling (MMH), nonGaussian noise, robust sparse representation classification(RSRC), wearable sensors

Kim, S., Nussbaum, M. A. and Gabbard, J. L. (2019). Influences of augmented reality head-worn display type and user interface design on performance and usability in simulated warehouse order picking. Applied Ergonomics, 74, 186-193.

Head-worn display; Augmented reality; User interface; Performance

Mokhlespour Esfahani, M. I. and Nussbaum, M. A. (2018). A “Smart” Undershirt for Tracking Upper Body Motions: Task Classification and Angle Estimation. IEEE Sensors Journal, 18(18), 7650-7658.

Sensor placement, smart shirt, task classification, textile sensor, upper body motion, usability, wearable sensor

Alabdulkarim, S. and Nussbaum, M. A. (2019). Influences of different exoskeleton designs and tool mass on physical demands and performance in a simulated overhead drilling task, Applied Ergonomics, 74, 55-66.

Exoskeleton, Wearable assistive device, Intervention

Madigan, M. L., Aviles, J., Allin, L. J., Nussbaum, M. A., and Alexander, N. B. (2018). A Reactive Balance Rating Method That Correlates With Kinematics After Trip-like Perturbations on a Treadmill and Fall Risk Among Residents of Older Adult Congregate HousingThe Journals of Gerontology: Series A, 73(9), 1222–1228.

Balance-biomechanics, Exercise, Falls, Gait, Biomechanics

Conference Papers

Christian, M. and Nussbaum, M.A. (2015) Biomarker responses to static axial trunk loading and unloading. Proceedings of the 4th Annual World Conference of the Society for Industrial and Systems Engineering, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. October 19-21, pp. 38-43.