Recent Courses Taught

ISE 5614: Human Physical Capabilities

Graduate course that provides an overview of occupational biomechanics, work physiology, and physical job task analysis

ISE 5615: Human Factors Research Design I

Graduate course covering procedures for conducting human factors and ergonomics experiments, including design alternatives, statistical models, and analysis

ISE 6014: Proposing Industrial Engineering Research

Advanced graduate course designed to provide students with a better understanding of the processes involved with proposing research in Industrial and Systems Engineering, and to improve their abilities to generate such proposals

Other Courses Taught

ISE 3624: Industrial Ergonomics

Undergraduate course that provides an introduction to major aspects of physical ergonomics, human performance, safety, and applications in industrial work design

ISE 5024: ISE Seminar

Introduction to Industrial and Systems Engineering: Two hour seminar, consisting of guest lectures from the department and the university and a formal lecture hour covering major topics within ISE

ISE 5616: Human Factors Research Design II

Graduate course covering advanced experimental designs and statistical methods relevant to human factors and ergonomics research

ISE 6624: Advanced Methods in Occupational Biomechanics

Advanced graduate course on current topics in occupational biomechanics and physical ergonomics

Short Course

Ergonomics and Occupational Biomechanics: An Introduction

Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Cagliari, Italy. (10 hours, April 23 – May 4, 2012)