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HG Prillaman Professor

Grado Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering

Core Faculty

Virginia Tech/Wake Forest School of Biomedical
Engineering and Sciences


Occupational Safety and Health Research Center (OSHRC)

Virginia Tech

Mail:    Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
           (MC 0118)
           Durham Hall, RM 250, Virginia Tech
           1145 Perry Street
           Blacksburg, VA  24061

Email:  nussbaum [at]

Office:  (540) 231-6053


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Recent News

 New!   New article "Impacts of using a head-worn display on gait performance during level walking and obstacle crossing" was published in Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology (March 2018)

New article "Exploring Associations Between Postural Balance and Levels of Urinary Organophosphorus Pesticide Metabolites" was published in Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (February 2018)

New article "Effects of Intersection Lighting Design on Nighttime Visual Performance of Drivers" was published in LEUKOS (January 2018)

New article "An Exploratory Study of the Diurnal Variation and Reliability of Biomarkers Related to Physiological Damage Experienced in Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders" was published in MYOPAIN (December 2017)

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Research and Teaching Interests

  • Theoretical and Applied Biomechanics
  • Occupational ergonomics and injury prevention
  • Balance, Posture Control, and Fall Prevention
  • Work Physiology and Muscle Fatigue
  • Ambulatory Assessment of Ergonomic Exposures
  • Individual Differences in Work Capacity and Injury Risk
  • Development of Ergonomic Design and Evaluation Guidelines
  • Consumer Product Design and Evaluation