Complex Systems Laboratory


11/2015- Our research is highlighted on the radio by the Pulse of the Planet in three nice episodes: Swarming, No Jams, and Cave Research
10/2015- Here's a neat video taken with our Phantom quadcopter to give a bat's eye view of the flight path through our field site in Shandon Province, China:

7/2015- Congratulations to Kayla Howes for getting the Engineering Science and Mechanics' Dr. Louis O’Shaughnessy scholarship and the College of Engineering James K. Anderson scholarship!!

6/2015- Kayla Howes, Eric Anderson, and Dr. Abaid are visiting the SDU-VT International Lab this summer for some fun field work in Shandong Province, China, here with Haosen Wang and Kenton Anderson.

5/2015- Congratulations to Nick Orange for completing his masters!

2/2015- Here's a sample of Nick Orange's tracked bats from data taken in Summer 2014 in Shandong Province, China:



2/2015- Kayla Howes and Eric Anderson get Pratt Fellowship for research trip to Shandong University-Virginia Tech International Laboratory in Summer 2015

2/2015- Dr. Abaid will give invited talk at SPIE Bioinspiration, Biomimetics, and Bioreplication V

1/2015- Subhradeep Roy and Dr. Abaid will be presenting at the 2015 SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems in Snowbird, Utah.

11/2014- Here's a new video of the experimental data from the summer that Nick Orange is processing for his masters research:

Tracking movie3.mp4

05/2014- Dr. Abaid gives keynote presentation at 2014 International Conference of Control, Dynamic Systems, and Robotics.

02/2014- Here's a new video of some of our first-generation robots sensing and interacting using infrared.

02/2014- Dr. Abaid will give a keynote presentation at the International Conference on Control, Dynamic Systems, and Robotics in May.

12/2013- CSL research is published in Physical Review E.

11/2013- Invited session "
Behaviour meets psychology meets biology meets engineering" proposed by Dr. Abaid and Dr. Macri is accepted to the 2014 European Winter Conference on Brain Research.