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Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences


INFORMS meeting will be held at 12:15 pm, WednesdayApril 27th,

In Durham 260



Industrial Engineering and Modern Agriculture


Ernesto Sanabria
Director of USA Operations
Red Sun Farms





In this era of world connection and mass production, there is the need to feed our communities locally and around the world, in different climates and seasons and also to make it a commercially viable enterprise.


To secure this efforts, the agriculture industry has turned to greenhouse production where applicable. And this is what we do; produce fruit and vegetables all year round and provide a constant supply of fresh food to the consumer.


We face many difficulties, from having a product that has short shelf life to having to move it across the country in only a few days. How to deal with an evolving consumer market and their increasingly rigorous needs for fresh every day produce.


Having to fight the constants of time and distance we look for universal solutions to local problems and personalized unique ideas to solve our human resource, market and operational issues. 


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