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  • The List page in sites with the VT Project Site Template lets you create and organize lists of action items, issues, and task statuses. You can add list viewers, and list subscribers are notified of changes. It's a List page type specifically designed for item tracking.

    About list options

    The VT Project Site Template has three specific list options, as well as the option to create your own list.

    The list options have the following fields for list items. Fields are either text for text entry, check box, or a drop-down list. 

    List type  Field 1Field 2Field 3Field 4Field 5
    Action ItemsOwner (text, responsible party)Description (text, desc. of the item)Resolution (text, how it was resolved)Complete (check box, yes/no) 
    Issue List Raised by (text, person with issue)Owner (text, responsible party)Priority (drop-down, levels P1-P4)Issue (text, des. of issue)Resolution (text, how it was resolved)
    Unit Status Status (text, status if item)Owner (text, responsible party)Design (text, design details)URL/Web Address (text)URL/Display Text (text)

    To sort a list alphabetically by any of the fields, click Sort under the field and choose Ascending or Descending

    To choose a list option

    • Click Use template under the list type you prefer. 
    • Click Use template under Create your own and follow the instructions under To customize any list

    To customize any list

    1. Click Customize this list at the top of the list. The customize your list popup will appear.  


      • You can change the name and type of any field, and enter values for drop-down menus. 
      • You can add or remove fields. 
    2. Click Save.

    To add an item to a list

    To add an item to an Action Items list (other list types follow the same procedure):

    1. Click Add Item. The Add Item window will pop up. 

      • Enter text and/or use drop-down menus and check boxes to input information in the list fields. 
    2. Click Save.

  • Page Type: 
    • List
    • List pages let you make and organize lists of information. Items on the list are easy to add, edit, and remove, and viewers of the list can sort it by any column. Like the file cabinet page, subscribers are notified when items are added, changed, or removed.