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Google Groups - Email

Google Group

The Google Groups Email page in the VT Project Site Template lets you set up an email listserv to send email to all site collaborators. It's a Start page type that has two sections: one that all users can customize with their own gadgets, and one that only site collaborators can customize to show content to all users. Start pages are only included in Google Apps for work.

To set up your Google Group

  1. If you haven't already, create a Google Group and choose the default Email list group type. See Using VT Google Groups - Creating a VT Google Group for creating the group and adding members. 
  2. Get your Google Group URL:
    1. Go to Google Groups and My Groups. Click on the group you want to add to the site.  
    2. Click the Settings (gear) icon in the top right corner and choose Group Settings from the drop-down list. 
    3. Next to Group email address is a box that shows the group's email address. Under that box is the group's URL. 

To add a Google Group to the site

  1. Go to your Google Site's Google Groups - Email page and click the Edit page (e) pencil icon in the top right of the page. The page will change to edit mode. 
  2. Click on the Google Group Gadget, the white box at the top of the page that says Google Gadget "Google Group." A menu will appear under the gadget. 
  3. Click the Properties (gear) icon. The Set up your gadget window will pop up. 
  4. In the Google Group URL box, delete the URL and paste in the one for your Google Group.
  5. Select your display options and click OK. The Set up your gadget window will close, and your Google Group will appear on the page. 
  6. Click Save at the top right to save page changes.

To use the Google Group to email members

Once set up, your Google Group will be embedded on the Google Groups - Email page. 

  • Email messages to the group will be listed in the Google Group gadget. 
  • Click New Topic to compose an email to send to the group email address. Click Post to send. 
  • Refresh the gadget to show new email.
  • Mark as readActions, and Filters perform actions similar to those in Gmail, with additional abilities like setting topics for discussion, locking discussion on a topic, and filtering by topic.
  • For more information on conversations via Google Groups, go to the Google Groups Help Center

  • Page Type: 
    • Start Page (Google Apps for Work users only)
      A start page is a page that can be customized by each of its viewers to show a personalized set of gadgets. Site collaborators can still add content that all viewers see, but that section remains separate from the section that can be personalized.