Hokie Bird - HBF 2012

October is one of the nicest months to visit the New River Valley. Weekends in Blacksburg are fun but very busy, even when there isn't a home football game at Virginia Tech. Lodging can be limited and expensive at times. We have chosen the fall break weekend for Virginia Tech students. This will likely reduce competition for parking and access to campus on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Onsite Food at Hokie BugFest

We are working with Downtown Blacksburg, Inc. to encourage downtown restaurants to offer themed meals and specials. We will keep you posted on this. Squires will host the event. It is just a short walk out the front door of Squires to access several nearby restaurants. Food prices should be more flexible than in the past.

Beating the Crowds at Hokie BugFest

Hate crowds? Who doesn't! Last year we welcomed an audience exceeding 8,400 in attendance. For most attractions we were able to eliminate the line problem we experienced in prior years. In 2017 we pretty much eliminated or reduced lines altogether. This was done by eliminating activities that produced lines in prior years (Haunted House, Luminous Cave, Face Painting, etc.) Our most popular attraction, the Bug Zoo, produced huge lines several years ago. For the past four years we broke the zoo into multiple sites and the lines were pretty much calmed. In terms of sheer mass of people at the event, our lightest period of time is in the afternoon. Late afternoon until closing at 5:00 pm is ideal. Our activities remain the same throughout the day, so coming during the hours of less attendance will not affect what you see. You just might see more during the less crowded hours. With the move to Squires and downtown we expect the event to be more spread out, thus accommodating larger crowds. See you at the event and thank you for attending.

Area information, including other lodging, restaurants, and attractions. Come and enjoy!