Graham Currin at the DC Improv

Graham got his start 10 years ago emceeing fundraisers and hosting TV shows at Virginia Tech.  Now based out of LA, he performs with great acts like Judah Friedlander, Josh Blue, and Godfrey in comedy clubs nationwide from the DC Improv to the Comedy Store in LA. 

Graham’s act is original and unique… just like every other comedian’s.  While you’ll rarely find any cuss words in his show, you will learn some new ones as he specializes in vicious innuendo. Think clean, but mean.

Recently, Graham was a finalist in the Reel Authors Sitcom Spec competition. Additionally, his original sitcom pilot, “Assisted Living,” was optioned by Storyboard TV LLC.

Onstage, Graham deals with the perils of driving a Ford Taurus, the humiliation of having his grandfather steal his dates, and the honor of having attractive women everywhere…dump their ugly friends on him in his most requested routine: “The Lord of the Fives."


Graham Currin's Standup Dates