Research interests: Stochastic modeling and optimization, with applications in public policy and medical decision-making, healthcare operations, supply chain management, and logistics.

Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering 

Associate Professor of Health Sciences

Virginia Tech

250 Durham Hall (MC 0118)
1145 Perry Street
Blacksburg, VA  24061

Office:  213 Durham Hall
           (540) 231-9073

Email:  ebru [at]

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Ebru Bish, Ph.D.

Ebru K. Bish, Ph.D.

Recent News

Recent NSF Grant: "GOALI: Pooled Screening Design for Disease Biomarkers" - with Doug Bish (Virginia Tech) and Dr. Scott Zimmerman (NC Public Health State Lab) - June 15, 2018 - May 31, 2021.   


"Optimal risk-based group testing strategies, with equity considerations” (with H. Aprahamian and D. Bish - runner-up for the 2017 Pierskalla Award) -  accepted, Management Science. 

"Robust postdonation blood screening under prevalence rate uncertainty" (with H. El-Amine and D. Bish, 2016 Pierskalla finalist) - Operations Research, 66(1):1-17, 2018. Click here to read about this paper.

"Adaptive risk-based array pooling in public health screening" (with H. Aprahamian and D. Bish),  IISE Transactions, 50(9)753-766, 2018.Click here to read about this paper.

"Prevalence estimation with pooling and continuous test outcomes under limited resources" (with N. Nguyen and H. Aprahamian), Statististics in Medicine, 37(15), 2391-2426, 2018.


PhD student Hrayer Aprahamian is the winner for the  2018 Torgersen Graduate Research Excellence Award. Congratulations Hrayer!

PhD students Alba and Hadi are INFORMS Bonder Scholars (in 2016-2017 and 2015-2016, respectively).

PhD student Hadi El-Amine is the second-place winner in the 2016-2017 IISE Pritsker PhD Dissertation Competition.

Going beyond “same-for-all” testing of infectious agents in donated blood (with D. Bish, R. Xie, and S. Stramer, IIE Transactions, 46(11), 1147-1168, 2014)  is the Best Applications Paper in the IIE Transactions Focused Issue on Operations Engineering and Analytics, 2016.