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The Virginia Tech Cyber-Physical Systems Security Manufacturing Group along with its industry partners and alliance with government agencies is looking to improve the resiliency of the critical infrastructure of the U.S., specifically the manufacturing related segments. This task will be completed through the in-depth analysis of vulnerability assessment approaches, quality control improvements, and industrial collaboration. We believe securing the manufacturing domain is important to the economic, operational, and physical viability of the United States.

Our team is partnered with the Center for Innovation Based Manufacturing (CIbM) and we are using this asset to experiment on some of the projects that we hope will become eventual solutions in the near future. We also have partnerships with the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing and currently have ongoing projects that make use of their manufacturing testbeds.We also have the backing of the National Science Foundation with two  grant CMMI-1436365 and CNS 1446804, and the LMI Research Institute with current research funding geared towards improving the resiliency of the manufacturing enterprise.

We are looking to create a consortium of industry partners, government agencies, and experts from various interdisciplinary fields in order to house the right minds to tackle cyber-physical security. The consortium will adapt to the changing landscape and evolve alongside the evolving cyber-physical threats the current manufacturing enterprise is exposed to. If you are interested in joining our consortium to advance the cyber-physical security of the manufacturing industry, please 
contact us.