The Virginia Tech Cyber-Physical Security Systems Manufacturing Group along with its industry partners and alliance with government agencies is looking to improve the resiliency of the critical infrastructure of the U.S., specifically the manufacturing related segments. This task will be completed through the in-depth analysis of vulnerability assessment approaches, quality control improvements, and industrial collaboration. We believe securing the manufacturing domain is important to the economic, operational, and physical viability of the United States.

The VT-CPSSMFG is comprised of professors, 
industrial partners, and researchers across 
different domains in academia and industry.
These publications introduce and explain 
projects that are underway and some viable 
solutions that have been demonstrated 
to industry partners.

Upcoming Workshops and TrainingsPast Workshops and Trainings
Please check back for upcoming workshops and training.August 2016 Workshop
The Advances of Cyber-physical Systems in Manufacturing Workshop highlighted the potential security issues related to an interconnected manufacturing facility. The workshop began with a research presentation about the state-of-the-art research the CPSSFMG group is performing in the area of cyber-physical security in advanced manufacturing. Participants then worked through a case study of an Industry 4.0 facility and worked to collaboratively identify gaps in traditional information security applications when applied to cyber-physical systems.

November 10, 2015 Workshop
The Virginia Tech Cyber-Physical Security Systems Manufacturing Group recently hosted a workshop with the help of MTConnect and NIST. The workshop was held on Nov 10, 2015, after the quarterly Technical Advisory Group (TAG) meetings that MTConnect and NIST host with their industry partners. The attendees at the workshop were MTConnect members, NIST members, and TAG members that had a role in standardization of the protocols for machine to machine communication. There were 28 total participants at the workshop including five Virginia Tech representatives that helped lead discussions during the breakout sessions.

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