The Center for Innovation-based Manufacturing (CIbM) is a multi-disciplinary center formed to solve current manufacturing issues and help the university commercialize new technologies. The innovation based manufacturing goal is to boost the commercialization potential of basic research that is currently constrained by the lack of adequate processes and systems and provide new tools to improve current processes. In order to achieve this goal, new pedagogical research in innovation principles related specifically to manufacturing is needed. The proposed center will focus on the development of new innovation methodologies and their application to challenging manufacturability problems across multiple areas such as renewable energies, micro- and nano-manufacturing, medical devices, etc. CIbM is actively working on the definition of the manufacturing of the future and the future of manufacturing.

The Need for an Innovation-based Manufacturing Center

In the last decades, the North American manufacturing sector has been continuously challenged by competition from low labor cost countries. Once a product reaches a certain level of maturity, it quickly becomes a commodity that can be produced in any part of the world at minimum cost. Under these conditions, manufacturers are in increasing need of tools to indentify new products and more efficient manufacturing processes. At the same time, researchers are working on the development of novel technologies for which there are usually not known manufacturing processes, limiting their commercialization potential.

Latest News

  • NAMRC 44 Presentation - Cyber-Physical Vulnerability Assessment in Manufacturing Systems, Zach DeSmit 
  • INFORMS 2016 - Modeling In-Process Machining Data as Spatial Point Clouds vs. Time Series: Research Challenges and Opportunities, Mohammed Shafae 
  • INFORMS 2016 - Nondestructive Quality Inspection Using Piezoelectric Transducers Affixed To A Fixture, Tomilayo Komolafe 
  • INFORMS 2016Broaching Tool Degradation Characterization Based On Functional Descriptors, Wenmeng Tian 
  • INFORMS 2016Model Integration for Degradation Modeling in Multi-edged Machining Processes, Wenmeng Tian
  • INFORMS 2016 Poster Presentation - A Cyber-physical Vulnerabilities Framework for Manufacturing Systems: A Quality Control Perspective, Ahmad Elhabashy
  • DMC 2016 Presentation - Detection of Unintended Changes to A Manufactured Part using Piezoelectric Transducers 
  • DMC 2016 Presentation - In-Process Data Point Clouds: A Novel Approach for Machining Data Visualization for Process Monitoring, Diagnosis, and Control 
  • DMC 2016 Presentation - Cyber-physical Vulnerability Assessment for Advanced Manufacturing