Completion of basic soldering training allows the use of soldering equipment, unsupervised, in the AMP Lab. For soldering quality standards, see this page

Anyone caught using soldering equipment without basic training will be denied access to the AMP Lab for at least one semester.

Signing up for Basic Soldering Training:

  2. Populate a PC board with an instructor.
    • Available PCBs
      1. B-BOP, Bipolar Breadboard Power Supply (recommended)
      2. Boost Converter Business Card
      3. FM Radio Tuner Business Card
    • Contact an instructor by sending a message to the Google Group below with your available meeting times.

Please send questions and requests to:

Instructors are student volunteers. If you haven't received a reply, please send a follow-up email. 

If you would like to refer to the Basic Soldering Training Manual, it is attached at the bottom of this page.

Alternatively, please contact one of the following.

 Name   Email
 Michael Dill
 Jonathan Kayne
 Megan Bennett

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