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End of Semester Presentations (Archived)

A vital part of the AMP Lab's continued success is the presentation of each semester's accomplishments.

Two venues: informal video sessions and a poster session.

Informal Video Sessions

- 15 minute sessions; just answer questions
- Dress business casual (what would your prospective employer like to see?)
- Finished products are not required
- No formal report or poster required
-- Introduce yourself (or ~selves)
-- Briefly describe your project.
-- What parts of your project are the most interesting?
-- What parts of your project are tedious?
-- Did your mentor help you? How?
-- What do you see in the future of this project?

Poster Session

- Minimum: poster (ECE has a huge color printer)
- Nice: schematics, block diagrams, simulations, mock-ups, 
- Nicer: boards, wired breadboards, messy circuits, 
- Nicest: working project, user interface, interactive demo,

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.

Bob Lineberry

Video Presentations Spring 2013

AMP Lab Students presented their projects to ECE faculty