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Mini Energy Harvester and Charger

Name: Christopher Purdy

Mentor: Dr. Arthur Ball

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The objective of this project is to create a pocket-sized energy harvesting device that is capable of charging small electronics (namely Apple Airpods or Apple Watch). The current design concept is to use two inductors (with rare earth magnets) that will harvest energy from walking/running to charge a small lithium-ion battery which will in turn charge/top-off the Airpods or Apple Watch Battery. 

Projected Budget:
<BOM w/links>

Projected Timeline:
First Prototype: End of Fall 2017
Conclusion: End of Spring 2018

For this project, I am learning:
-  Small scale energy harvesting
-  Circuit Design
-  Lithium-ion battery charging/discharging
-  Efficient Rectification
-  Interfacing to Apple products

Updates/Interesting Links: