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How to Join

Find a Project
Find or think of a project that you'd like to design and/or build. For example, this could be a web-controlled rover that uses a Raspberry-PI for computing or a simple digital clock. Take a look at some of our previous projects for ideas.

Be sure to review our project requirements.

Welcome Meeting
Once you have a project in mind and before joining the lab, you must meet a representative of the lab. This can either be at the open house, appointment arrangement with one of our mentors, or by email.

Our mentors can be reached at:

Join the Site
If you are not added to the site after the welcome meeting, please email us at
After gaining access, create a personal page on the site under People / Members.

Once your project is approved by our team, you'll be added to the site where you'll create a project page that discusses what your project is about and what educational value is associated with it.

Create a Project Page
Follow the directions at this link: Creating your Project Page

Gain 24/7 Lab Access
To be able to work on your project in the lab, you must follow the directions at this link: Swipe Access
Note: Soldering certification is NOT required to gain access.