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Create a Project

Review Project Requirements

Project Page Requirements

Create the Project Page
  1. Create a new page on the site using the project template. Put it under "Projects".
    1. This page should allow you to see the add a page button (top right), which is hidden on un-editable pages. 
    2. You must be logged in to Google to have editing access.
    3. Select "Project Template" as the template to use.
  2. Fill in the template with information relevant to your project.
  3. Does your page satisfy the requirements shown above?
Here is a tutorial showing the steps required to create a new project.

Activate the Project
Email your project name and URL to 

This allows us to add your project to the project table.

Project Management

Useful Vendors!

We have created a list of useful vendors who are easy to order from and probably have the parts you need! Useful Vendors

Keep it Updated!

Documentation is an important part of any project. It helps employers understand what you're working on, shows progress, and looks good. 

Make a Mini Poster

Work on AMP lab projects should be well documented on the page. You should be proud to talk about your project at an interview, or include a link with your resume. We recommend, but do not require, creating a mini poster for use with your project. These are short simple posters that are displayed with your project for tour groups that come through the lab to read.

Design Showcase

About once a semester, the AMP lab hosts a design showcase. This is an opportunity to show the work you've put into your project. Showcase dates will be announced by email.