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Intellectual Property Rights

NEW 2 June 2015

Board of Visitors revises intellectual property policy to encourage student, faculty innovation

The guidelines clarify that Virginia Tech generally does not claim ownership of intellectual property created by students. An additional policy revision clarifies when faculty members retain their intellectual property rights if Virginia Tech itself does not wish to pursue the idea.

If students create intellectual property during academic coursework, the students retain ownership of the idea as long as they aren’t being paid by the university, the university has no pre-existing obligations in connection with the intellectual property, and any tools used in the development of idea are available to other students in the course.

The AMP Lab is a unique, fully-funded, hands-on instructional laboratory. Students build prototypes with the aid of mentors. More experienced students become mentors. Students take initiative, give seminars, document their progress, and participate in poster sessions. The AMP Lab has garnered praise from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), departmental and student publications, and hands-on faculty.

For any further questions, we advise you to contact the Student Intellectual Property Society at Virginia Tech (SIPS).

They can be found at: http://vtsips.com/