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Bob's Role in the AMP Lab

Noah writes, "I guess I shouldn't be pelting you with questions unnecessarily. Sorry that I bothered you. I guess a good question for me to ask then is - what is your role in the AMP lab - what are the things we do need to come to you with?"

What a great question! Here is my response, for everyone to view and for me to update over time.

Bob's Roles, which Probably Can't be Transitioned:
  • Create the AMP Lab
  • Be responsible for students' safety
  • Manage 24x7 access to AMP Lab facilities
  • Listen to the needs of mentors, students, faculty
  • Post resources that are obscure, historical, provocative
Bob's Roles In Transition:
  • Translate student orders into ECE orders
  • Cheerleader
  • Soldering Principal
  • PC Board Principal
  • Circuits Principal
Why Transition?
  • Bob will retire in 2019
  • Current students have the opportunity to allow future students to enjoy the AMP Lab experience
  • Students learn naturally from their peers
  • The best way to learn is to teach
  • The best way to teach is by doing
Last modified: 21 March 2014, Bob Lineberry