Welcome to the Virginia Tech AMP (Autonomous Mastery Prototyping) Lab website.

Think it; Design it; Build it; Own it. Yes, you can.

The purpose of the "Autonomous Mastery Prototyping Laboratory" (AMP Lab) is to offer a creative, practical, hands-on learning environment for ECE students, staff, and faculty.

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Important News!

The AMP Lab Executive Committee needs accurate information to make informed decisions, and to keep track of current projects. To that end there is a new step in the work flow! After your weekly mentor meeting, please fill this form out: https://docs.google.com/a/vt.edu/forms/d/1I267qMQtEnSo4O4HgaL6v3wC12_vLIjBmGYux9gxr_U/viewform

Thank you for your cooperation

AMP Lab Events

The lab will be open 24x7 with Hokie Passport to full AMP Lab members. 
We have mature programs in circuit design, PC board layout, and soldering skills.
We provide soldering equipment, PC boards, components, and mentorship free to all members until resources are exhausted.
We want to expand our programs; what do you want to create?


Here is the 10 minute video that inspired the AMP Lab: http://vimeo.com/15488784

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