Third Annual Edible Book Contest

Eaten any good books lately? Read anything tasty? You can!

The Third Annual Edible Book Contest is happening again this year in Blacksburg! It's a continuing partnership between the Blacksburg branch of the Montgomery-Floyd Regional Libraries and the University Libraries at Virginia Tech. This event is open to EVERYONE--community members, book and food fans, students of all ages and kinds, families, and friends!

Just what is an Edible Book Contest (aka an Edible Book Festival)? Edible book contests provide an opportunity to be creative with books and food. Entries can look like, poke fun, interpret, or highlight a book or element of a book. Entries can be sweet, savory, salty, bitter...anything! You can see images from the 2013 and 2012 events on the Virginia Tech Libraries Facebook page. Below are the winners in each category for 2013.

"50 Shades of Grey," Winner (2013), Individual Entry "Ant and Snail on a Log," Winner (2013), Youth Entry

"Goodnight Moon," Winner (2013), Group Entry "Lord of the Fries," Winner (2013), Best in Show

The Who? What? Where? When? and Why? (See details and rules on the Rules and Registration page.)

Who? You! Members of the Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library community, the Virginia Tech community, or the Blacksburg community are welcome to enter the contest. We would like to see a variety of entries. And even if you don't want to enter the contest this year, please come out and vote. Winners in each category will be selected by YOUR votes.

What? Make a cake, carve some veggies, dress up a piece of fruit, or build something with your favorite breakfast meat! The idea is to create an entry that consists mainly of food, but relates to a book. Make or interpret your favorite novel, poke fun at your least favorite story, or pun to your heart's content!

Where? Community Room, Blacksburg Library, 200 Miller Street

When? Monday, March 24, 2014 from 6-7pm.

Doors will open to view entries at 6pm.

Voting will take place from 6-6:45ish.

Awards will be handed out around 7pm.

Why? Why should you enter? The Edible Book Contest is fun! It's a chance to be creative and to see other people's projects. Also, we have PRIZES! There will be big prizes for winners in each of the four categories: Youth, Group, Individual, and Best in Show. Plus, we'll have a little something special for all our participants.