Teaching and Mentoring Experience



  • "Introduction to Computational Thinking" (Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017) - I lectured and led class sessions, hosted office hours, and assigned grades.
  • "Introduction to Programming in Python" (Fall 2017) - I developed all course materials, lectured and led class sessions, hosted office hours, and assigned grades.

Associate Instructor

  • "Introduction to Computational Thinking" (Fall 2014-Spring 2016)- Worked with Dr. Dennis Kafura to teach an entirely brand new course that we developed together. I assisted in running lecture and grading, beyond the normal of Graduate Teaching Assistant.

Volunteer Instructor

  • "Governor's School for Agriculture - Computer Science elective" (Blacksburg, VA Summer 2014 and 2015) - Taught a 1-week class (1 hour per day) on Computer Science to 20 high school students. Adapted our curriculum from the Computational Thinking course I am developing with Dr. Dennis Kafura. Students reported that this was their favorite class at governor's school, and that they were eager to continue learning about Computer Science.
  • "AWC Code Jam" (Blacksburg, VA, Spring 2014) - Led a session on real-time web APIs to ~35 undergraduate computer science majors.
  • "AWC Women in Computing Day" (Blacksburg, VA, Spring 2014) - Led a session on solving real-world problems with Computer Science to ~60 middle-school girls from around Blacksburg.
  • "Let's Code Blacksburg!" (Blacksburg, VA, Spring 2013 - Fall 2013) - Taught 3 introductory sessions on Python and a class on Pygame to members of the Blacksburg community.

Lab Assistant

  • CISC-108 (University of Delaware, Spring 2012) - Assisted in running lab sessions. Note: As I was doing a Senior Thesis in addition to my classes that semester, I chose to take on the smaller role as Lab Assistant.

Teaching Assistant

  • CISC-108 (University of Delaware, Fall 2011) - Ran lab sessions and graded assignments for my section. Held office hours for all students and made myself available in-person outside of office hours.

Community Leadership

  • Association for Women in Computing Webmaster (Virginia Tech, Fall 2013 - Spring 2017) - Maintained and updated the AWC website, maintained and updated social media presence, organized and supported AWC events.
  • CS Graduate Council Webmaster (Virginia Tech, Fall 2013 - Fall 2014) - Maintained and updated the Grad Council Website, administered grad council listserv, organized and supported graduate council events, introduced a new system for making graduate student pages indexable and searchable.
  • Senior Fellow (University of Delaware, Fall 2011 - Spring 2012) - Planned and hosted a large number of community activities for Honors students. Also advised students on Honors degree progress.