Encore Classes

ART - Mrs. Russler 
8th Grade- Students are learning about the artist Phil Hansen. Students are finishing up the unit "Artists Solve Problems". Students had to develop an original idea for an art project that involved limiting their materials, setting a rule to follow for their art, or solving a problem in our community/school using art. We have also started a mini unit on Abstract Art. Students are using viewfinders to search for examples of Abstract compositions in magazines. These will turn into pastel drawings. 
7th Grade- Students are learning about the artist Freidensreich Hundertwasser. Hundertwasser is an Austrian architect and painter. We compared the houses that Hundertwasser built and the houses in his paintings to the houses in our communities. Students will develop their own paintings inspired by Hundertwasser. 
6th Grade- Students just finished our watercolor unit and created beautiful paintings using the theme "Changing Leaves". We have started our next unit "Acrylic Painting". Students are learning how to mix the primary colors to make the secondary colors. They are also learning to mix tints and shades of colors.  

Coming Soon- All Students will be creating their own art website.

Industrial Tech

Mr. Anderson

6th Grade: 

7th Grade: 

8th Grade: If not completed in class by 9/28/17, complete and turn in the Auto Buying Worksheet.

Use study guide given in class to prepare for the Automotive Unit Exam on 10/9/17.