8th Assignments

Math - Ms. Bumann

  • All homework assignments will be posted on Schoology regularly for students to view and complete. 
  • Each student has his or her own login information for Schoology that we created together during class. If you are a parent and would like access to view your student's account, please send me an email and I will email you the directions and personal access code that will allow you to view their assignments each night and set up email or text notifications regarding your students account. 
  • Ms. Bumann's Email address: sarah.bumann@vscsd.org
    • To access the Schoology login page, click the following link:
  • Each book assignment posted on Schoology will link them to the Big Ideas login screen where they can login using their user name and password we created during class.
  • As a reminder, students will have saved all their login information for both Big Ideas and Schoology in the front or back cover of their planner if for some reason they happen to forget their login info. 
    • To access the Big Ideas login page, click the following link:
  • I will be posting updates and reminders regularly through Schoology. All updates and reminders will be sent in an email to all students when they are posted on Schoology. 

SCIENCE- Mrs. Gallo  

Standard-Based Grading  (Focusing on students proficiency level on each standard)
Practice Work Levels  (Labs, Activities, Worksheets)
Plus (above and beyond)
Check (right on track) 
Minus (not there yet)

Assessment Levels (Test, Quiz, Project)
4: Above proficient
3: Proficient (where we want students)
2: Progressing
1: Area of concern

**Students always have the opportunity to retake assessments to better show their improved progress towards the standard**

Mon, May 20th: Question of the Day, Finish any Genetic Technology Assignments from last week, Survey Results Analysis, 'Why Clone?' Article & WS (Due tomorrow)

Tue, May 21st: Question of the Day, Discuss Genetic Technology Survey Results, Partner/Group Genetic Technology Informational Poster (Due Thursday)

Wed, May 22nd:  Partner/Group Genetic Technology Informational Poster (Due Thursday)

Thurs, May 23rd: Second Assessment on Computer, Share Partner/Group Genetic Technology Informational Poster 

SOCIAL STUDIES (updated 28 May 2019)

Online shortwave radio:  http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/

Link to map of North America with Native Nation locations:

Assassinations of Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy

US history through music, 1773-1970

UNI trip

FRIDAY 31 MAY 2019
Last day of school.
"And now, my watch is ended."

Westward Expansion:  The Oregon Trail

iCivics games:


LANGUAGE ARTS -   Mr. Gleiter


We have been working on getting the Individual Reading Assignment rolling for Language Arts. The assignment consists of reading personal choice books, both fiction and non-fiction, on a daily basis, and then filling out book reports when we finish a book. The overall assignment is a minimum of 550 pages read by Oct. 14. That figures down to 63 pages per week or 13 pages per school day.  As a class we have read a few short stories and completed book reports over those stories. This was to give students beginning experience with the required book report. 

Next week we will be woking on a writing refresher. We will be brushing off our writing skills and learning the expository writing style. Most assignments will be accomplished in class.

9/10 Reviewed sentence structure.

ASSIGNED: Write 15 two-word sentences for tomorrow.

8th Grade Art   
Mrs. Russler
See Encore Classes


RESOURCE: Mrs. Schminke

During resource this year you will be:

  • Working on meeting your individual IEP goals.
  • Staying organized.
  • Using your time wisely.