7th Assignments

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7th Grade Math: Mon. 
                                  Tues.  pg. 391-391 #1 - 17. 
                                Wed. pg. 418 #15 - 23
Enriched Math: Mon. 
                                 Wed.  pg 671 #1 - 15

Language/Mrs. Harting
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Individualized Reading:

 Mr. Recker 
 Social Studies   
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Mrs. Howes-Vonstein- Science

Learning Standard:  
Develop and use a model of the Earth-Sun-Moon to describe the cyclic pattern of the lunar phases, eclipses of the sun and moon, and the seasons
Learning Standard:  
SEP (Science Engineering Practices)
Planning and Carrying out Investigations
Analyzing and Interpreting Data
Asking Questions and Defining Problems
Obtaining, Evaluating and Communicating Information

             Class Work                        Homework


Review Stations 
Eclipses and Phases
Practice the phases of the moon and the location of the moon for each phase 


HV Sick

Why do we have seasons? 
Seasons Simulation Worksheet 

Assessment Monday
-phases of the moon


Finish Review 
Discuss Simulation


Summarize Simulation 

Introduce Equinox and Solstice 


Review guide 

Assessment Monday
-phases of the moon

Classroom Rules Safety Rules

                7th Grade Art                 

 Mrs. Russler

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RESOURCE: Mrs. Schminke

During resource this year you will be:

  • Working on meeting your individual IEP goals.
  • Staying organized.
  • Using your time wisely.




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