7th Assignments

Mr. Haisman - Math

Updated 2/10/16
7th Grade Math:      Mon.  Study chapter 6 practice test.  Re-Test Tues.
                                  Tues.  Chapter 6 Re-Test.  No Homework.
                                Wed.  pg 346 #1-10, 28-30, 37-39.
                                  Thurs. pg. 347 #40-42.
Enriched Math:       Mon.  pg. 409 #1, 4, 6, 9, 11, 14 - 16.
                                  Tues. pg. 405-408 #1-28
                                 Wed. Review for test on Thursday.
                                 Thurs.  Test day.  No Homework.
Mrs. Waggoner - Language Arts

Week of Feb. 8, 2016

Part of our nonfiction unit is presenting a new skill to the class.  How-to speeches will be given Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. 10-11.  Students will be bringing a prop or materials to class for their demonstrations.

The fourth (and last) book of Trimester 2 is due Tuesday, Feb. 23

    PARENTS:  please encourage your child to "do the math" when they choose an independent reading book.  Total number of pages in the book/number of days to due date = number of pages to read every day. That keeps them accountable AND relieves your stress the night before....

    Scholastic book order forms are made available in my classroom and students may order books in two ways:  
  • bring order form and a check to Scholastic to class
  • go online to: scholastic.com/readingclub  (classroom code is HQ23G)  you may pay by credit card online and books will be shipped to school 
Language Arts 2 
 (updated on February 10)

         1. Read your daily number of pages from your free                      reading book.

         2. Vocabulary Set 8 quiz and packets due on Friday,
              February 12.  Study at   www.quizlet.com/_g21ft

                                      Mrs. Struve
 Social Studies   
  email:  jill.struve@vscsd.org

February 8, 2016
Mrs. Struve was absent today, so Mrs. Much finished up with the biome of the rainforest found in the Congo Basin. 
Homework:  None, unless you have not finished your Culture Grams assignment. Don't forget that the quiz over the eleven Central African Countries is on this Friday.
February 9, 2016
ITBS test today! 
Homework: none, other than to study for the 11 Central African Country quiz on Thursday.
February 10,  2016

quiz over 11 Central African countries
Homework: starting  your information collection on the Central African nation of your choice.
February 11, 2016

What a fun day learning about the indigenous inhabitants of the Congo Rainforest!  Are you taller than a pygmy person?!

Homework: none

February 5, 2016

Homework:  Quiz over Central African countries on Tuesday.

Mrs. Howes-Vonstein- Science
             Class Work                        Homework



Iowa Assessments



Microscope lab:
 Pond Water

10 Slide observations due Friday

Required: cheek cells, sand, and salt


Microscope Lab:



Finish Lab

All 10 Slides are due Friday


Lab Report Summary

Classroom Rules Safety Rules

7th Grade Art                  Mrs. Sharar

(updated 2-5-16)

Working on a 3-D project with positive and negative space.  During the texturing phase of the project, students will also be glazing their clay masks.  Monday marks day 3 of 5 for texturing.  


Mr. McNeill - Industrial Tech

We are well into our CAD unit (Computer Aided Drafting). Students have been using a computer to draw with. They are finding that this system is a huge technological advancement. The students are finding that there are patterns to CAD drawings and the use of the pattern help produce drawings rather quickly at the onset of the unit. 


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