7th Assignments

Updated 11/30/16
7th grade online book code:  D39275F34C                                                                                                7th Grade Math: Mon. pg. 208 #1-8
                                  Tues.  pg. 213 #1-7
                                Wed.  pg 218 #1-15
                                  Thurs. No homework.

    Enriched math online book code: A5D824BEF9                                                               Enriched Math: Mon. Mid-Chapter review worksheet #1-10.
                                 Tues.  Finish the dilations worksheet.  
                                 Wed. pg 233-234 #1-8
                                 Thurs.  pg. 235 #14-16
Mrs. Waggoner - Language Arts

Week of November 14, 2016

Unit 2  Does Every Conflict Have a Winner?
Monday: no school
Tuesday: "Seventh Grade" and figurative language - idioms
Wednesday: "Melting Pot" and "Where are You From?" questions
Thursday: write paper using responses from yesterday's questions
Friday: finish paper; for those done, extra credit research on country/culture you would like to live in

The reading expectation for 7th grade language arts is to finish a book every 3 weeks.  The books are totally student-chosen but must be at an appropriate reading level for that student.  Credit will be given when a book report is turned in or a book chat is done with the teacher.  Book chats are available during RtI every Monday.

First book for Trimester 2 is due: Monday, Dec. 5

    Scholastic book order forms are made available in my classroom and students may order books in two ways:  
  • bring order form and a check to Scholastic to class
  • go online to: scholastic.com/readingclub  (classroom code is HQ23G)  you may pay by credit card online and books will be shipped to school 

     Vocabulary Unit 2: Quizlet!!!

Language Arts 2 
 (updated on November 18)

             1. Read your daily number of pages from your free                     reading book. 
                 Reading Exit Slip due every Friday!

                       2. Study vocabulary Set 4 words for quiz on                                  Tuesday, November 22 at 


                                      Mrs. Struve
 Social Studies   
  email:  jill.struve@vscsd.org


November 28, 2016

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Today we took a Trimester II pre-assessment over one of our learning targets. We also played a fun game to help cement the 14 Sahel Countries into our brain. Lastly, students picked one of those countries to find interesting information on for tomorrow's class
Homework: study for tomorrow's country quiz

Tomorrow is the 14 Sahel countries quiz. Each student has a map with the names on them that they can use to study.  We had a brain story that helps us remember each country!!!!
 Image result for sahel country map

Image result for sahel country map
November 28, 2016
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Took the Sahel country quiz.
Students researched the country of their choice to fill in their graphic organizer.

Assignment: none

November 30, 2016

Finishing up our graphic organizer

assignment: Be ready to share some of your graphic organizer information.


Decrainember 1, 2016
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 Today we started to learn the brain pictures for the new set of West Central African countries. There are eight (8) total.
Homework:  none

December 2,  2016

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We finished learning the "brain pictures" for the 8 West Central African countries. We glued the pictures on to the map. This will help us to remember the names of the countries for sure!!!

Homework:  none
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Mrs. Howes-Vonstein- Science
             Class Work                        Homework









Mono Lake Activity


Read Together
Summary of Bead Activity


Anything Highlighted in Red needs to be completed if you missed class. 

Classroom Rules Safety Rules

                7th Grade Art                 

 Mrs. Russler

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Mr. McNeill - Industrial Tech

We are well into our CAD unit (Computer Aided Drafting). Students have been using a computer to draw with. They are finding that this system is a huge technological advancement. The students are finding that there are patterns to CAD drawings and the use of the pattern help produce drawings rather quickly at the onset of the unit. 


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