7th Assignments

Updated 2/17/17
7th grade online book code:  D39275F34C          Glencoe.com                                                             7th Grade Math: Mon. pg. 317 #1-23 & pg. 319 #5
                                  Tues.  pg. 322 #1-6 & #9
                                Wed.  pg 324 # 19-22.
                                  Thurs. no homework
                                  Friday. pg 331 #1-10

    Enriched math online book code: A5D824BEF9                                                               Enriched Math: Mon. pg. 402 #10-14
                                 Tues.  Finish W.S. 7-9 and pg. 409 #1-16
                                 Wed. pg. 406 #8-28 evens.
                                 Thurs.  Study
                                Friday.  Test day.  No homework.
Mrs. Waggoner - Language Arts

Week of February 13, 2017

Monday is the day we rewrite a final copy of our best dialogue.  This is in place of an exam over dialogue punctuation. The final copy will be worth 100 points and perfect punctuation is expected.  We have been practicing this for four weeks.

Then beginning on Tuesday, we are into poetry.  We will start with Oriental poetry because it has strict rules for formatting which actually makes it easier to write.

The reading expectation for 7th grade language arts is to finish a book every 3 weeks.  The books are totally student-chosen but must be at an appropriate reading level for that student.  Credit will be given when a book report is turned in or a book chat is done with the teacher.  Book chats, which can replace a book report, are available during RtI every Monday.

Last book for Trimester 2 is due: 
Tuesday, February 21.  

     Vocabulary Unit 2: Quizlet!!!

Language Arts 2 
 (updated on February 7)

             1. Read your daily number of pages from your free                     reading book. 
                 Reading Exit Slip due every Friday!

                      2. Study vocabulary Set 7 words for quiz on                                  February 9 at http://quizlet.com/_g20hg 

                                      Mrs. Struve
 Social Studies   
  email:  jill.struve@vscsd.org


February 13, 2017

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Taking I.T.B.S. test. Today is the final day for the testing (unless you were gone and need to make some of them up.)
Homework: poems of human rights. We will share these in class tomorrow.
February 14, 2017
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Continuing Human Rights
Assignment: none

vocab: discrimination, prejudice

February 15, 2017

Using computer/headphones finding and listing the 30 Universal Human Rights.

assignment: none, finish listing tomorrow in class


February 16, 2017
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Students are creating uniques ways to show their knowledge of the human rights.

Homework: working on the human rights


February 17, 2017
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Today's lesson about human rights was shelved as the students had to take a survey for ITBS.

Homework:  keep working on your human rights poem. It is due on Tuesday. No class time to work on it.
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Mrs. Howes-Vonstein- Science
             Class Work                        Homework



Design Worksheet 
Begin Building



Build and Test Roller Coasters



Finish Roller Coasters




Anything Highlighted in Red needs to be completed if you missed class. 

Classroom Rules Safety Rules

                7th Grade Art                 

 Mrs. Russler

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Mr. McNeill - Industrial Tech

We are well into our CAD unit (Computer Aided Drafting). Students have been using a computer to draw with. They are finding that this system is a huge technological advancement. The students are finding that there are patterns to CAD drawings and the use of the pattern help produce drawings rather quickly at the onset of the unit. 


RESOURCE: Mrs. Schminke

During resource this year you will be:

  • Working on meeting your individual IEP goals.
  • Staying organized.
  • Using your time wisely.
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