7th Assignments

Updated 10/18/16
7th Grade Math: Mon. Study Chapter 2 for a re-test Tuesday.
                                  Tues.  Test Day.  No homework.
                                Wed.  pg. 131 - 133 #1-22 & #42-49
                                  Thurs. pg. 139 #1-4
                                  Friday.  Algebra worksheet & pg .139 #5-14, #51-55
Enriched Math: Mon.  pg. 121 #1-9
                                  Tues.  pg. 125 #3-9
                                 Wed.  pg. 128 #2-22 evens & #46-50 all
                                Friday.  pg. 139 #1-20.  Study for test next Tuesday.
Mrs. Waggoner - Language Arts

Week of October 10, 2016

Monday: "Stolen Day" read and answer critical thinking questions
Tuesday: create fiction story using random characters, setting, and situation on Google Docs
Wednesday: peer edit stories using teacher-made rubric
Thursday: no school
Friday: no school

The reading expectation for 7th grade language arts is to finish a book every 3 weeks.  The books are totally student-chosen but must be at an appropriate reading level for that student.  Credit will be given when a book report is turned in or a book chat is done with the teacher.  Book chats are available during RtI every Monday.

THIRD book for Trimester 1 is due:
Tuesday, October 25.

    PARENTS:  please encourage your child to "do the math" when they choose an independent reading book.  Total number of pages in the book/number of days to due date = number of pages to read every day. That keeps them accountable AND relieves your stress the night before....

    Scholastic book order forms are made available in my classroom and students may order books in two ways:  
  • bring order form and a check to Scholastic to class
  • go online to: scholastic.com/readingclub  (classroom code is HQ23G)  you may pay by credit card online and books will be shipped to school 

     Vocabulary Unit 1: Quizlet!!!

Language Arts 2 
 (updated on October 6)

             1. Read your daily number of pages from your free reading book. 
                 Reading Exit Slip due every Friday!

               2. Study vocabulary Set 2 words for quiz on Friday, October 7!

                                      Mrs. Struve
 Social Studies   
  email:  jill.struve@vscsd.org

October 17, 2016

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The students were able to find out the process of mummifying a person in Ancient Egypt times.
Homework: none, as we will finish the worksheet tomorrow during the first half of class.

October 18, 2016

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Students finished up learning about the mummification process used in Ancient Egypt.
Assignment:  finish worksheet using computer site on "You wouldn't Want to be a Mummy!!"
Complete the fill in the blank worksheet called, " Ancient Egypt: The Gift of the Nile".

October 19, 2016
Students received a checklist and were taught how to complete an assignment in which they will find valuable information on an aspect of every day life in Ancient Egypt.
Homework: none, as we are working on this assignment during class.

October 13, 2016
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continuation of working on our daily life in ancient Egypt assignment. 
Parent, there is an option for you to help your child score some extra points on this assignment. Ask him/her about this.

Homework:  none

October 14, 2016

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no school
homework:  none
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Mrs. Howes-Vonstein- Science
             Class Work                        Homework



Return Quiz
1 Vocab word
Introduction to the Lab







Anything Highlighted in Red needs to be completed if you missed class. 

Classroom Rules Safety Rules

                7th Grade Art                 

 Mrs. Russler

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Mr. McNeill - Industrial Tech

We are well into our CAD unit (Computer Aided Drafting). Students have been using a computer to draw with. They are finding that this system is a huge technological advancement. The students are finding that there are patterns to CAD drawings and the use of the pattern help produce drawings rather quickly at the onset of the unit. 


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