7th Assignments


Mr. Haisman - Math

Updated 4/27/16
7th Grade Math:      Mon.  Practice Test.  Study 
                                  Tues.  probability game.
                                Wed.  Test Today.  No Homework.
Enriched Math:       Mon. Pg. 559-560 Letters A-F
                                  Tues.  No Homework
                                 Wed.  Chapter 10 review pg. 564 #1-29 all, #30-54 evens.
                                 Thurs.  Test Today.  No Homework.
Mrs. Waggoner - Language Arts

Week of May 2, 2016

We are finishing our persuasive speeches of self-selected topics which will be delivered May 5 and 6.  

Third book for Trimester 3 is due:
Friday, May 6.

    PARENTS:  please encourage your child to "do the math" when they choose an independent reading book.  Total number of pages in the book/number of days to due date = number of pages to read every day. That keeps them accountable AND relieves your stress the night before....

    Scholastic book order forms are made available in my classroom and students may order books in two ways:  
  • bring order form and a check to Scholastic to class
  • go online to: scholastic.com/readingclub  (classroom code is HQ23G)  you may pay by credit card online and books will be shipped to school 
Language Arts 2 
 (updated on April 13)

         1. Read your daily number of pages from your free                      reading book.

           2. Vocabulary Set 11 quiz and packets due on 
              Friday, April 15.  Study at   

                                      Mrs. Struve
 Social Studies   
  email:  jill.struve@vscsd.org

April 25, 2016
Review competitions to prepare for Islam test
Homework: study
April 26, 2016
Took Islam Test today.
Homework:  none!
April 27,  2016

More learning on the country of Syria by learning about outlining.
Homework: finish worksheet on "Women in Islam"
April 28, 2016

Students picked a country from the Middle East to find information on and then to create a uniquely made brochure.

Homework: none

April 22, 2016
We finished the unit on Islam today. There will be a test on Tuesday. Use your new and improved notes to study!

Homework: finish the cause and effect worksheet that we worked on in class

Mrs. Howes-Vonstein- Science
             Class Work                        Homework



Finish Collecting Data
Start Graph
Start Google Slide Presentation







No Classes

Classroom Rules Safety Rules

7th Grade Art                  Mrs. Sharar

(updated 4-26-16)

Art Fair is during the Fine Arts Night on May 16th.  All students and all projects are represented.  Students get extra credit for bringing a parent or guardian to the art fair.  

We are currently working on a piano hinge book, which is due Monday.


All students must create a folder on their drive and put all the art pictures into it.  Share it to me at amy.sharar@govikes.org This must be done in order for me to see the pictures on the online art portfolios.  Also, the art portfolios must be up to date by Friday.


Mr. McNeill - Industrial Tech

We are well into our CAD unit (Computer Aided Drafting). Students have been using a computer to draw with. They are finding that this system is a huge technological advancement. The students are finding that there are patterns to CAD drawings and the use of the pattern help produce drawings rather quickly at the onset of the unit. 


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