6th Assignments

MATH- (updated on 1-11-19)

Math book and resources found at www.bigideasmath.com

PERIODS 1, 3, and 7

PERIODS 2 and 8

Monday 1/7

Partner wkst 3.1 - parts of expressions
Partner wkst 4.4 - polygons on the coordinate plane

Tuesday 1/8

Assessment 3.1 - parts of expressions and substitution of variables
Assessment 4.4 - polygons using the x and y coordinates to apply perimeter and area formulas

Wednesday 1/9

Enrichment 3.1
Partner POTD

Thursday 1/10

p. 122-123 #3-18, 23-30, 32
p. 194-195 #1-22

Friday 1/11

wkst. 3.2 writing expressions
wkst 5.1 Ratios

SCIENCE- Updated 1/15/19


What we did in Class


Monday 1/14

-HBS Project

Tuesday 1/15

-HBS Project

Wednesday 1/16

-HBS Project

Thursday 1/17

-HBS Project

Whatever is not done is due when we get back on the 22nd

Friday 1/18

-No School


What we did in Class


Monday 1/14


Tuesday 1/15


Wednesday 1/16


Thursday 1/17


Friday 1/18

-No School

SOCIAL STUDIES-  Updated: 1/16/19     Class Website 
Mr. Hanson                   
Day 6

Geography (Periods 1,2,3,7,8) Semester 1 reflection. (complete and share)

Exploratory "Civic Literacy" (Period 4): Propaganda (Gallery Walk) 

Station: 5 and 6


Geography (1,2,3,7,8): Work to improve proficiency on past standards. 

SS 6.13 and SS 6.19 for South America were assessed the week of 1/7/19-1/11/19.

Civic Literacy (4): NONE

LANGUAGE ARTS- (updated 1/14/19 )
Mrs. Kuper 


Work Day on Quarter 2 Book ProjectsNO FLUENCY THIS WEEK
Monday/ Friday Fluency
: Students will be provided with grade-level non-fiction text and instruction and practice opportunities for repeated readings; students will increase fluency rates and comprehension of grade-level text. Comprehension questions will be due every Friday (10 points)!  On-going through the end of the school year.
3 1-minute passages 

Vocab review Kahoot
Vocab quiz
Independent reading
Jan. 16th Book Project Presentations

M/F Fluency "Risking it All"
Introduction of the Quarter 2 Book Projects
Jan. 17th Book Project Presentations

Work Day for Q2 Book Projects

Jan. 18th
Professional Development

 4th Period Exploratory (Personal Wellness) with Mrs. Kuper
Personal Wellness- Bully Awareness, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Personal Hygiene, Nutrition/ Exercise, Bike Safety



Short story- a brief fictional narrative that can usually be read in one sitting.

Plot - the sequence of events in a story.

    1. Exposition-        Introduction of setting, characters, and situation.
  2. Rising Action- Events that increase tension.
    3. Climax-              High point of your story when the story's outcome becomes clear and changes in the 
                                    characters become apparent.
    4. Falling Action- Events that follow the climax.
    5. Resolution-       Final Outcome.

    6. Conflict-             Story's central problem.

Conflict – the problem or struggle between opposing forces.

         Internal conflict – takes place in the mind of the character.

External conflict – is a conflict in which a character struggles against an opposing force.

Characters – the people or animals who take part in the action of a story.

Characterization – the act of creating and developing a character.

Character’s traits – helps the reader understand the character and his or her actions.

             Character’s motives – the reasons for his or her action                  

Setting – the time and place of the story’s action.

              Mood – a specific atmosphere, which may even be related directly to the story’s conflict

Theme – the central insight or lesson expressed in a short story


6th Grade Art        Mrs. Russler
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Mrs. Donahue

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Ms. Werner 

October 27th  6:30 Knights of Columbus Dance at Middle School

November 10 Veterans Assembly at Middle School

November 15th  Picture Retakes

November 16, 17th No School

November 22, 23, 24  No School

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