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Word Identification/Decoding "I'm stuck"

Here are some things to keep in mind as your child reads books to you.  Please remember that these should be books that your child is capable of reading and your child’s teacher has sent home for them to read.

This short video will give you an example of how these strategies might be used with a student:

If your child comes to a word that he/she doesn’t know, here are some strategies to try:

  • "What does it sound like?"  Ask your child to say the sounds and then blend them together to decode the word.
  • "Do I know part of the word?"  Look for parts that your child may already know.  For example, in the word pin, he/she might know the word in.  Then all your child has to do is add the /p/ sound.
  • "Look for clues on the page."  Ask your child to look at the picture to see if that can help him/her figure out the word.
  • "Jump over it, then go back and reread it."  Tell your child to skip it and then after he/she reads the rest of the sentence, ask your child what would make sense in that spot?
  • "Ask for help."  Finally, if your child is still having problems, you can tell him/her the word as we don’t want your child to get frustrated!  Even adults ask for help when they feel stuck.  It's okay to help as long as your child doesn't overuse this strategy.

If I’m stuck…

I can try this!

Eagle Eye

Look at the pictures!

ü  Look at the pictures for clues to help figure out a word

Lips the Fish

Get your lips ready!

ü  Say the first few sounds of the word out loud

ü  What would make sense?

Stretchy the Snake

S-t-r-e-t-c-h it out!

ü  Stretch the word out slowly

ü  Put the sounds together and listen for the word

Chunky Monkey

Chunk the Word!

ü  Look for a “chunk” that you know

ü  Look for an ending part

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Tryin’ Lion

Try it again!

ü  Try to read the sentence

ü  Try a word that makes sense

Read-on Rabbit

Read on!

ü  Skip the word

ü  Read to the end of the sentence

ü  Hop back and read it again

Flippy the Dolphin

Flip the sound (a, e, i, o, u, c, g)!

ü  Try another sound if it doesn't sound right

ü  Flip a short sound into a long sound

Helpy the Hippo

Ask for Help!

If you have tried two or more strategies, then it’s okay to ask for help with a tricky word.