Games & Activity Sign-up

Click HERE to sign up for which games/activities you would like to work


  Being done by Amy Sharar .. will sign up students and call/text students 1-2 students ahead

    ** DROP & ROLL**

Game is done on a large blue tarp with waded up $1 bills scattered about.  Wind strapping tape around student sticky side out... spin in circle.. then Drop & Roll!!!

    ** POKER**

Texas Hold 'Em or dealer choice!! 


 POPULAR!!  We are going to run 2 tables this year... last year took forever with only 1 table!  Will need 2 large poster Brackets made and kept up to date. 


Need 1 person per Inflatable to check kids in and keep the line moving... help the Kids Again attendant strapping kids into/onto ride!


Monty Snyder from La Porte City will be bringing along 2 additional artists with him.  This is super POPULAR!  Sign kids up and contact them by cell text/call/check back in 1-2 ahead for their turn.


SUPER POPULAR!!  The kids can go as many times as they like.. it's all FREE!  There are props they can wear.. need to monitor that they return the items in good condition!  Maximum of 4 people at a time in booth!

    **FAMILY FEUD **

POPULAR!!  Pat Lyons is "Richard Dawson"!!  LET'S PLAY THE FUED!!  Teams of 5 kids ... there will be a sign up at the door... This runs till 245am only ... workers need to set up chairs for Hypnotist.. by 3am!


Seniors Only!  -- See how many $1 bills they can grab in 15 seconds!


POPULAR!  Drive our "taxi" (golf cart) around the Commons area stopping along the way reading trivia questions.  They can win cash for correct answers! 


They sign up their cell # at the door... then every 10 minutes text a student # by random drawing.. they have 5 minutes to claim their cash prize!


   ** MTW "Junk In the Trunk" -- Strap Kleenex box (wrapped in Duct tape for support!) around waist and try to bounce out 10 ping pong balls out in 1 minute

   ** MTW " Bobblehead" -- Strap a Pedometer to their forehead with headband.. how many shakes in one minute (No Brain injuries please!! )

   ** MTW " Bouncer" --   2 person game – 20 glasses lined up.. bounce as many ping pong balls (10 each) in 1 minute.  (yes.. it’s like a college “game” we’ve all played!!)

   ** MTW “ Bottoms Up” --  (like Elephant March last year)  Put softball in end of one leg of pantyhose.. put pantyhose on head… swing the ball at a set of “bowling pins” without using hands.. get as many knocked down in 1 minute as possible.

   ** MTW “A Bit Dicey” --  Stack dice on the end of a popsicle stick that you hold in your mouth.  Stack 6 in one minute.

   ** MTW “Crystal Candelier” --  Uses 15 cans and 5 paper plates… Start with 1 can, stack 1 paper plate on top of the can, then stack 2 cans on top, stack next plate.. repeat with 3, 4 and 5 cans.. as many as you can in 1 minute.



Several food booths/areas will be set up for the kids.  All food and drink is free of charge.  If interested in helping with Food contact Sue Hammond or Shirale Hanson.



Gatekeepers are in charge of checking in the students and making sure that they have a properly filled out and signed Admission/Permission Form.  The students will each have a wristband to wear.  They are required to have it on at all times during Post Prom.  Anyone without a wristband will be asked to leave. 

Gatekeepers are in charge of securing and guarding any outside entrance that students could pass through unnoticed.   Gatekeepers are needed from 11PM to 6AM.   Students are NOT allowed to go the parking lot for any reason.  If they leave the building they may not re-enter. 

Gatekeepers are also in charge of contacting the parent of any student or guest that does not check in by 1AM and/or any student/guest parent that leaves before the 530AM leave time. 

Any student that is over 18 and IS NOT a High School student of VSHS or other school district can leave without any parental notification.  They are not allowed to return to Post Prom once they leave for any reason.

If you are interested in helping with the Gatekeepers, contact Pete Sauer or John Leonard, Chairpersons.



Valet Parking is provided at the Prom Dance (at the Skate Activity Center) from approximately 730pm-???.  If you are interested in helping with Valet Parking contact Nick or Angie Sagan, Chairpersons.



Grand March will be held from 645pm-800pm BEFORE Prom.  This gives every student that wants to be introduced to the school, parents and community.  Grand March is held in the VSHS Auditorium.  Grand March requires a lot of hands to work!  If you are interested in helping with Grand March, contact Teresa Strong or Kim Draker, Chairpersons. 

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