What is PBIS?
  • PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) is a comprehensive, school-wide approach to creating consistent, predictable, safe, and positive school environments and responding to behavior challenges.
  • It is research based, uses best practices, data, and creates systems within your school that facilitate implementation and sustainability.¬†
  • Reduction in office referrals
  • Improved student learning
  • Orderly, predictable, safe, and positive environments
  • Instruction is more effective
  • Parents and students report positive change
Why we must intervene...
  • Fewer adult role models and influence of peers
  • Higher incentives for negative behavior
  • Students have diminished respect for role-bound authority
  • Increased violence in society
  • Student attitudes are affected by the media¬†

  • All children need behavior support
  • Most efficient approach to improving behavior climate in schools
  • Most powerful behavior support intervention
  • Supports appropriate behavior combined with clear continuum of consequences
  • Effective practices need nurturing
  • Information gathering and use for decision-making