Climate Change

Released by the White House (May 2014) outlines the effects of climate change on the US.

The Heat Over Global Warming
Interview with the producer of "An Inconvenient Truth" along with related links

Robert Redford interview discussing the advantages of businesses going "green"

Profiles "Step it Up" and the national campaign to combat global warming

Interview with BIll McKibben discussing the National Day of Climate Action and what he believes we must do to combat global warming

Examines the role of the media & expert claims that the dangers of global warming are exaggerated by the media

Profiles the use of biodiesel and WIllie Nelson's role in its development

Pholpott answers five questions about alternative energy sources

Examines the role of oil lobbyists and their influence on energy policy

Other Global Warming Resources
This 6-part series examines the development of alternative energy sources

The series offers specific ideas for reducing, reusing, recycling and conserving energy through various web links.

This report examines the scientific definition of global warming and presents both sides of the debate on global warming.

Reported on 2/5/07, this article examines projected global changes, the impact on humans and what can be done to reduce emissions that lead to global warming.

This 2/14/05 NewsHour with Jim Lehrer Special for Students summarizes the problem of global warming, briefly outlines details of the Kyoto Protocol and world opinion, and describes the US response.

This article profiles five prominent global warming skeptics and their opinions about global warming.

This NOVA and FRONTLINE special report on global warming provides graphs, a helpful FAQ, and interactive activity that helps recognize sources of daily energy consumption and determine their "diet" of carbon, perspectives for and against global warming and more.

Online EPA resource provides the basics of understanding of the causes of global warming & a calculator to total your emissions.

An online report that reviews five arguments.

This site states the pros and cons of the argument: Is human activity a substantial cause of global climate change? Background on global warming & video gallery also included.

Dinosaur farts, Prehistoric climate change linked in new methane gas study--it could have caused prehistoric global warming.