Classroom Goals and Expectations.

General Goals of the Social Studies.

-to encourage students to develop personal understandings of Social Studies through reading, anaylsis,

and discussion of people, ideas and events in social studies.

-to increase understanding of themes in history,and culture, including race, class, religion, philosophies,

politics and current events.

-to improve ability to read critically, make inferences and connections to the subject.

-to develop reading and writing skills through essays, reports and projects.

General Goals of the CTE Classes.

- to encourage students to develop personal understandings of Technology and it's impact on the world.

- to develop and demonstrate safe tool and material procedures in the classroom.

- to improve ablitity in techinical reading and writing.

- to encourage students to compare career paths and help in the decision making of a vocation choice.


The course will be graded on a fixed scale based on percentage of the total points. Grades will be based on students daily assignments, projects and homework assigned.

A+ 100% B+ 89- 91% C+ 80- 82% D+ 71- 73% F 64% and lower

A 99- 96% B 86- 88% C 77- 79% D 68- 70%

A- 95- 92% B- 83- 85% C- 74- 76% D- 65- 67%

Contact Information


(218) 444- 3130 Ext. 110 (Social Studies),

Ext. 120 (CTE Classes).