Your Fifth Grade Teachers:

Mrs. Easterly, Social Studies
Mrs.Jackman, Math
Mrs. Jaeger, Language Arts
Mrs. Fowler, Science
Mrs. Steelman, Language Arts

Please check this site for upcoming events, important projects and nightly homework. 

As always, we are are here to support your children. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Monday's Schedule

Morning Meeting   8:15-8:25

Specials   8:30-9:30

 1st Period    9:35-10:10

2nd Period   10:13-10:48

3rd Period   10:51-11:26

4th Period   11:29-12:04

Lunch   12:07-12:32

5th Period   12:35-1:10

Tuesday-Friday's Schedule

Morning Meeting   8:15-8:25

Specials   8:30-9:30

1st Period   9:34-10:24

2nd Period  10:27-11:17

Lunch  11:20-11:45

MTSS 11:48-12:08

Recess  12:11-12:31

3rd Period  12:34-1:24

4th Period  1:27-2:17

5th Period  2:20-3:10