HIPPO primary source analysis

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Hippo document

Use the document above to work through the primary source.

Utopian Societies

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The rules that each class came up with today can be found below. You will need these to finish your English homework.

2nd Period
No working on Holidays or Weekends
Curfew Sunday-Thursday at 11pm
Chick-fil-a breakfast all day
No Drugs
Parents are responsible for Children

3rd/4th period
Children shall be educated (4-18 years) following a traditional school schedule in the fields of their choosing (Vocational, Stem, Humanities, etc.)
Healthcare plan in place for all citizens
Resources distributed according to needs
Minimum working age is 15, required working age is 18  Disabilities will be considered in preferences 
People may carry weapons, but if a crime is committed, there will be consequences; a jury of your peers will conduct a trial and assign verdict
at least one Saturday a month, citizens must participate in public works
Freedom of thought/religion/expression

5th/6th period
no intoxicants(unless used with precautions)/underage drinking
No Haters
no school for high school students November to April
Gun Safety will be practiced
Freedom of Speech/Religion
Keep the environment clean
No racism

English Website!!!!!!

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A Timeline of Unrest

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Complete this with a partner in class. Anything you don't finish is homework for tomorrow.

The pages from the book are attached to this post below.

Midterm Review

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Here is the study guide for your midterms. Make sure to read the directions on the top of the page. Do not feel like you need answer every question. Instead, use this as a guide for what you need to know. Focus on the topics and questions you know less about. Make sure that you ask for help on the ones you don't know. You can ask me in class but if you need extra help, I am available after school on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday this week.

Did President Truman make the right choice?

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Make a copy of this document and put it in your share folder.

In a small group, consider the following video clips:

Pictures of Hiroshima:

Paintings by Hiroshima survivors:

Readings are found attached to this post.


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Assignments due tomorrow at the beginning of class:

  1. Life is Beautiful discussion questions found here. Make sure that you pick one question from the bottom section and two from the top section. Turn this in, in your google share folder.
  2. WWII slide show. The directions for this assignment can be found here (don't worry about the 3rd period flex stuff unless you are in 3rd period) The pages you need to read are attached to the bottom of this post. This assignment could have been done in a group. If you did it with other students make sure that everyone's name is on the assignment. Turn this in, in your Google share folder.

Written Discussion questions

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Students should look at the Life is Beautiful discussion questions. Since we are running out of time until midterms, the students will be writing their responses to the film instead of having a class discussion. 

Students need to pick three questions off the discussion questions sheet and write a well developed answer to those three questions. Two of the questions you pick have to be from the top six questions and one question must be from the bottom two questions.

Use specific examples from the film to back up your answers. This is due at the beginning of class on Friday in your share folders.

Tuesday 12/8

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Our class discussion about Life is Beautiful is pushed back to tomorrow. 

Students need to read pages 930 - 938 in the yellow prentice hall book at the back of the room. There are not enough books for each student to have one so you will need to share. You can work in small groups of 2 or 3. 

As a group, turn the passage you just read into a powerpoint presentation like the notes I normally give you. This will be a graded homework assignment and is due tomorrow. 

If you finish early you can review/prepare for the class discussion tomorrow using the question posted below.

3rd period flex - For Quiz corrections answer these questions and put them in your google drive folder. If you finish early, prepare for the discussion tomorrow.
  1. During what years was WWI fought?
  2. What made America join the war?
  3. Why did the Russians leave WWI in 1917?
  4. When was there a cease-fire to end this war?
  5. What countries were on the Central Powers side of the war? What about the Allies?
  6. What did Germany have to do according to the Treaty of Versailles? (Make sure you list everything you can)
  7. During this war four governments collapsed: Austria-Hungary, Russia, Germany and the Ottoman Empire. Pick one of these governments that collapsed during or after the war and explain why they collapsed.

5th and 6th period only!!!

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Since this class has proven that they can not be trusted to watch a movie quietly and not make a mess, you need to finish the movie at home. A link to the movie has been provided a few posts down. Instead, we will be working on an essay in class. You need to write a 4 paragraph essay (Intro, 2 body paragraph and a conclusion) and hand it in by the end of class. The essay question in provided below. You may want to use your chart about Japan and Germany in the 1920s and 1930s to help with the essay.

"Japan and Germany had similar economic and political issues in the 1920s and 1930s. Explain how these two countries were similar and how this lead to their shared interests in WWII."

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