Elementary and Middle School PE

https://youtu.be/dhCM0C6GnrY  4/21
 New Kid’s fitness video!  Some after spring break workouts!
4/8 New simple home PE activity


4/8  High impact Aerobics


4th-8th grade Physical Education students, 

Mrs. Liller and Mr. Blackston would like you to keep a log of some fitness activities you can do to participate in your own customized PE class.  Keep a daily log and have you parents or caregivers sign off on activities.  The goal is 3 times per week with a minimum of 30 minutes of participation per workout.  For example:

Monday 3/23-participated in a Zumba workout on YouTube
Tuesday 3/24-walked, jogged or ran 1 mile plus did 3 sets of 20 second planks and 15 sit-ups

Don't forget to properly warm up!

Thanks and have fun and stay fit :)  Check back on this page for additional activities in weeks to come!

(4th & 5th Graders) We will accept one mile per week towards our mile club. 

Suggestions or customize your own work out   

1-Stretch and warm muscles up adequately using the techniques you have learned in class.
2-If available, jog around area  Middle School or High School track 4 times for one mile.
3-Utilize area hiking trails and parks for a hike with family
4-If appropriate, take family jogs and walks around the neighborhood
5-Use YouTube videos  (Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, dancing,etc.)
6-Jump Rope in 1 minute intervals three sets
7-Bicycle around neighborhood or on designated biking trails.
8-Run stairs in your house or elsewhere
9-Muscle isolation-planks, sit-ups, push-ups, wall sits.
10-Utilize exercise equipment in your home-stair master, exercise bikes, elliptical machine.

We can be reached at dliller@voyageracademy.net and cblackston@voyageracademy.net from 9 am - noon.

3/23-3/27-Update  All PE students in all grades .....Please send us your  weekly logs of your activities and any pictures or  videos of your activities if you like! 
dliller@voyageracademy.net and cblackston@voyageracademy.net  (cc both of us) 

For example:
Date      Type of Activity       Duration (minutes of activity)

Thanks and we miss being together with you all!  Stay safe and keep up appropriate social distancing while you keep fit!  Repeating all above activities works too!

  Check out some new activities:


Go out and play catch with a family member.....any size ball will do.
For example:
With Tennis Ball practice

Underhand throws
Overhand throws
Ground balls
Fly balls

With Basketball (with family member)

Dribble up and down in an empty space (driveway or sidewalk)

Pass-Chest, Bounce, One handed throw in pass, two handed throw in pass.  

Shoot-If you have access to a hoop practice jump shots and layups 

Be creative and keep moving :)

March 28 update- Hi all, we will be setting up zoom meetings starting next week with groups of 20-25.....check back to see when your class meets.  We would just like to check in and say “hi” and see how things are going.

I have received logs from some of you (see above on what to include ) keep them coming🙂

3/30. Hi all PE students- here is a fun workout video from The Body Coach!

Also, I will be reaching out to classes to set up a zoom meeting  to check in to see how everyone is doing .  You will get a link from me within the next few weeks.  

Monday’s  meeting will be with 6th grade section A at 11 AM on zoom....you should have received an email notice.

******Keep your exercise logs coming....I have  enjoyed hearing about your activities!  Thanks....Mrs. Liller
4th grade Log

5th grade log

6th grade log

7th grade log

8th grade log