Fires of Jubilee

Chapter 14


1.       If Quaker came into contact with a runaway slave, he/she would probably…

               “Tell me ‘bout dem an’ bout the millenary shop.  What’s millenary?”

2.       The above excerpt is an example of dialect or register?  How do you know?

 3.       The novel implies that a former slave that signs his or her name by making an X was probably…

 “I knew it was inevitable-you’re a clever girl, Abby.”

 4.       What is a synonym for inevitable?

 5.       What is the central or main idea of chapter 14?

 6.       What is the emotional tone at the end of chapter 14?


Fires of Jubilee

Chapter 13

Please answer each question in complete sentences!

“Abby grimaced. She’d left the doors to the chif-forobe open. They’d spot her for sure!”

1. What is a synonym for grimaced?

“Grief creased her brow and she pressed her lips together as if to hold back her emotions.”

2. What is the figure of speech above an example of?  Please explain.

3.  What does chapter 13 infer about Lively's character? Please use examples to support your answer.

4. Based on the letter in chapter 13,  how has Elizabeth or Lively changed?

“You like to scare me to death! What you doin’ out here?”

5. Is this an example of dialect or register? (remember a 
dialect is a variety of language used by different speech communities while a register is a variety of language associated with people's occupation)

6. What is the emotional tone at the end of chapter 13?

Fires of Jubilee Chapters 11 and 12

Please read the following questions and answer them in complete sentences.

1. What does Mamie want Abby to promise her? Why does Mamie want Abby to keep this promise?

2. What does the word vigil mean? 

 " I's goin' sit vigil all night." (chap. 11)

3. What is the emotional tone at the end of chapter 11? (Please mention words or phrases the author uses to support your answer.)

4.  Based on the second half of chapter 12, how would readers best describe Abby's character?  (Use an excerpt to support your answer.)

5. What can you infer about Mrs. Patrick Graham's education and political views?

6. What is the emotional tone at the end of chapter 12?( Please mention  words or phrases the author uses to support your answer.)

Special Notes!

Please review, sign and return all quizzes!  Beginning next week  all   graded quizzes are due (signed and corrected) by the following Tuesday .  Many students are not correcting their work or getting the quizzes signed.  Therefore, deadlines must be set.  If  quizzes are not returned by the outlined deadline,  parents will receive a reminding  phone call from their child.  


 I would like for the children to try to take the responsibility in copying their homework from the board. I have been checking to ensure that they are inscribing what is recorded accurately. 

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