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Upcoming Due Dates:
                    Friday, 11/13: Grammar Quiz Corrections due on Canvas
                    Sunday, 11/15: Current Event Video
                    Tuesday, 11/17: Final draft of text translation poem AND first draft of Shakespeare/POV translation poem due
                    Thursday, 11/19: Final draft of Shakespeare/POV translation poem due
                    Friday, 11/20Vocab Quiz Units 6-10 corrections due on Canvas
                    Friday, 11/20: FLEX meme assignment is due on Canvas

-Monday: Current events
-Tuesday: Grammar Group 2 teaches 9th graders and class does peer revisions for text translation poems
-Thursday: Finish peer-revisions, work on final drafts (section 3), Shakespeare word game
-Friday: Section 3 due--work on Shakespeare translation poems (due Tuesday, 11/17)

-Monday: Current events
-Tuesday: Introduce Poetry Translation project
-Wednesday: Scholastic Reading Assessment
-Thursday: Quiz correction assignments, text translation assignments
-Friday: Vocab quiz Units 6-10

-Monday: Current event
-Tuesday: 8-line poem due today (see here for assignment), Group revision
-Wednesday: Grammar Group 1&2 Quiz (see below), gallery walk, vote for best poem
-Thursday: Literary Devices Quiz (see below), finalist poems group revision
-Friday: NO SCHOOL--parent/student/teacher conferences

Grammar Quiz 10/28: 
capitalization, Italics, underlining, parentheses, brackets, in-text citations
subject and predicate, independent and dependent clauses, subordinating 
                          and coordinating conjunctions

Literary Devices Quiz 10/29: 
simile, tone, mood, theme, subject, alliteration, assonance, consonance, 
repetition, rhyme scheme, iambic pentameter

-Monday: Vocab warm-up, weekly overview
-Tuesday: Poetry work day
-Wednesday: Translation project 
-Thursday: Grammar Group 2 10th grade lesson
-Friday: Feedback seminar, Sonnet recitation circle

-Monday: Current Events
-Tuesday: ACT PLAN for all 10th graders
-Wednesday: stressed vs. unstressed syllable, iambic feet, iambic pentameter (meter)
        Grammar Group 1 Teaches 9th graders TODAY!
-Thursday: Applying concepts to your sonnets in reading and writing
-Friday: Applying concepts to your sonnets in reading and writing

-Monday: Current Events--> We will talk about the articles from last week, discuss the difference between Immigration in the US and Emigration in the EU, then assign a Canvas homework assignment due Sunday, 8/4 by midnight. 
-Tuesday: Vocab quiz 9th grade units 1-5
-Wednesday: Poetry Terms (1)--> rhyme scheme, internal rhyme, alliteration, assonance, consonance
-Thursday: Poetry Terms (2)-->Finish rhyme scheme, internal rhyme, alliteration, assonance, consonance
        Homework due Friday, 10/2: Complete any of the Poetry Terms assignments from Wednesday and Thursday
-Friday: Applying poetry terms to your sonnets and beginning to build your own sonnet
        -Grammar Group 1 meets with Mrs. Connor today

-Monday: Current Events--> Check out the current event page to see what you need to read before Monday, 9/28!
        Homework due Monday, 9/28: Venn Diagram of Immigration and Emigration
-Tuesday: 3 pillars of a sonnet: Purpose, Wordplay, Structure
        Homework due Wednesday: Finish "Pillars of Poetry" worksheet
-Wednesday: Receive Shakespeare sonnet, choose second sonnet
        Homework due Friday: Finish "First Impressions" worksheet
-Thursday: Grammar Group 1 teaches!
-Friday: Vocab Quiz Review

-Tuesday: Group Flag work/Individual Flag Reflections on Canvas
-Wednesday: Group Flag work/Individual Flag Reflections on Canvas
-Thursday: Chemistry Persuasive Paper Peer-Review
                    -Homework-- Due Thursday: Your MUST have a thesis statement, outline, AND quotes that you want to use for your paper.
-Friday: All parts of Science Fiction Project Due! 

-Monday: Labor Day--No School!
-Tuesday: Current Event Peer-review
-Wednesday: Intro to year-long grammar project and model of grammar lesson for project (Parts of Speech)
-Thursday: Flag drafting/proposal submission (substitute--I will be out of town) 
-Friday: BINGO and Parts of Speech quiz
-Due Friday, 9/11 in class- Annotated "Dark They Were and Golden-Eyed" for purpose: Imagery and Mood

Parts of Speech Practice links:

-Monday: Memorial Stadium re-naming proposals, intro to new current event
-Tuesday: Project Form and expectations, honors assignment, project assignments
-Wednesday: Project Work
-Thursday: Flag Research/Symbolism
-Friday: Vocabulary, Writing Goals, and Project Work
-Due Sunday, 9/6 by midnight- Current event #2 analysis on Canvas (follow instructions for prompt on Canvas)

-Current Event peer-revision on Monday (form on Current Event page)
-Tuesday: Sci-Fi situation research and discussion (Handouts attached to Science Fiction page)
-Wednesday: Research and Prediction--Google Doc on Science Fiction page
-Thursday: Debate paragraphs on the moral issues of technological development
-Friday: Self-edit and peer revision of paragraphs, discussion of thesis statements, paragraph structure, debate
-Due Sunday, 8/30 by midnight- Current event revision on Canvas ("Re-Submit Assignment")

-Current Event with Gatlin on Monday
-"The Veldt" thematic group discussion and seminar
-Symbolism game!
-Benchmarks tests-Thurs. and Fri.
-Due Tuesday, 8/18- "The Veldt" reading and annotations
-Due Wednesday, 8/19 by midnight - Written analysis of "The Pedestrian" and "The Veldt" on Canvas. 
-Due Sunday, 8/23 by midnight- Current Event #1-Memorial Stadium Naming Analysis on Canvas

-Discuss "Purposeful Annotation" and "The Breadcrumb Method"
-Read and annotate "The Pedestrian" in class
-Group discussion questions and class seminar on "The Pedestrian"
-I am Malala collaborative seminar
-Homework: Read and annotate "The Veldt" using the "Purposeful Annotation" method. The purpose that you will focus on while annotating is symbolism. Due: Tuesday, 8/18
-Homework: Written analysis of "The Pedestrian" and "The Veldt" on Canvas. PromptIn "The Pedestrian" and "The Veldt," what is Bradbury trying to tell us about the decisions we're making today and how they will affect us in the future? In your response, you must incorporate at least one warning from each short story. Due: Wednesday, 8/19 by midnight