Once being a silent cinema, our "Concertzaal" has been transformed to a club-like venue that hosts a variety of events as broad as concerts, dance events, seminars, corporate drinks and other artistic happenings. 

Sound & Lighing
Being multi-purpose, the hall is equipped with its own sound. 
The FOH-speaker-system remains fixed and cannot be taken out.
In case of rental events, the lighting can be supplied by the promoters. 

All aspects concerning safety are of high priority: all remarks mentioned in paragraph 9 are considered as a must and not at all frivolous or optional. The (technical) supervisors and hall manager will keep an eye on the setup and situation and will not allow any unsafe situations (rigging, lighting, sound, set, …)

Frequencies: check out the legal frequencies for your HF transmitting devices: Legal Frequency-Ranges in Europe

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Peter Misschaert,
8 Sep 2015, 05:29
Peter Misschaert,
8 Sep 2015, 06:51