Welcome to the tech rider of the Vooruit Café. We’d like to inform you about possibilities and circumstances. The Café is not a concerthall nor club, there is no fixed installation nor stage. There will always be an ‘audience’ during setup and linechecks.

Loading and/or unloading cars, vans and lorries for the Café is done at streetlevel in St-Pietersnieuwstraat 23, at the entrance next to the café. Cars and vans can enter the drive, but all vehicles must be moved after (un)loading. Vooruit does not have our own parking spaces. Please contact someone at arrival. 

- W:4m x L:3m @H:60cm made from risers. Max 5x5m - according to band setups.
- The audience can walk around the stage towards exit doors behind it. Do not leave valuables or clothing unattended.
- NEXO Alpha-e
- Soundlimits: 98dB(A)/15 during linecheck and concert. 98dB(A) max for dj-setups and continuous soundsets.
- We may put a Metrao® sound level meter at foh-position.

- MIDAS M32 (on foh and mon - depending on band setup)
 Max. 20 in/ 4 out (2 FOH + 2 MON) – analog multi
 Max. 16 in/ 8 out (2 FOH + 4 MON) – cat 5/S16 digital snake/stagebox

- Max. 6x NEXO PS15/PS10

Check out the legal frequency-ranges in Europe: Legal Frequency-Ranges Europe

- Not possible

- Ledpars will make the stage more cosy and will keep you visible
- Café houselights on during show, the bar stays open.

- Not possible.

- Microphones/ DI’s/ stands/ cables according to rider.
- Drumcarpet

- Linecheck by default limited to 45 min. prior to show unless otherwise stated in
- Audience present during soundcheck (cafe situation)
Typical timing
19:00 getin & setup + soundcheck
20:30 playtime
21:30 curfew

- We provide 1 or 2 experienced soundtechs, who are familiar with the gear & the venue.
- 1 all-round technician helps setting up
- fixed lights-atmosphere. no lightdesk

Peter Misschaert,
21 Dec 2017, 00:31
Peter Misschaert,
13 Oct 2016, 04:37