Storm Report - Dust Storm

For Meteorologists: 

Here is a link that describes what a dust storm is. Here is another. 

To understand why dust storms occur, check out this page, this page, and this page

For Geographers:

Your group's storm report will be based on a location within the United States. For reference, click here for a map of the US.

Then, click here for a map showing the level of Dust Storm risk in the US. Based on this map, choose several possible locations for your group's storm report. Write them down on G-29c.

You should use Wolfram Alpha and Wikipedia to look up more information about your group's location. Just type in the name of the city or town into the search box. 

To figure out when dust storms are most likely to take place, check out this graph

For Climatologists:

To learn more about the difference between weather and climate, you should read this link and watch this video

To locate what type of climate of your group's town or city, look at this map

For Safety Experts:

There have been many dust storms in history, but there was one extremely famous one: Black Sunday

To identify some of the safety hazards associated with dust storms, check out this page, this page, and this page