Quality Voice Over Artists ~ from Gary Terzza's VoMasterClass™

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 Female Voice Overs     
Wide-eyed, Innocent, Youthful

Crisp, Instructive, N. American

Hint of Scottish, Crisp, Precise, Warm

Bubbly, Engaging, Smooth

Peppy, Bright, Friendly and Fresh

Versatile, Educated, Down to earth

Sassy, Bright, Fresh & Young

Warm, Inviting, Intelligent

Smooth, Stylish, Silky

Vibrant, Multi-Accented, Bubbly

Crisp, Characterful, Vibrant

Bewitching, Soft, Engaging

Classically Elegant & Refined
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Honeyed, Welcoming, Enveloping

Elegant, Sophisticated, Refined

Creamy Smooth, Hint of Wales

Elegant, Stylish, Intelligent

Sweet, Inspirational, Unique

Joelle Rowthorn 
Creamy, Honey-Coated, Smooth 
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Unique Blend of Scottish & Italian



 Male Voice Overs

Warm and Avuncular

Sophisticated, Upmarket, Reassuring

Fresh, bubbly, flexible, cheerful

Rich, Warm, Approachable

Edgy, Cool, 20s/30s.

Gentle, Affable, Natural, 30s/40s

Jolly, Friendly, Upbeat, Versatile

Cheeky, Youthful, Friendly

Reassuring Sound of North East England

Charming, Natural, Youthful

Charismatic, Precise, Touch of Class

Versatile Scottish Voice

Reassuring, Trustworthy, Scot

Enveloping, Rich, Deep & Warm

Trustworthy, Dependable, Sincere

Inviting, Warm, Gentle Huskiness


Mellow, Approachable, Mature

Creamy, Enticing, Down to Earth