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Terms & Conditions
    • Technical support is via email or phone only.
    • You are entitled to return the Home Recording Kit 30 days from the date of receipt.
    • For hygiene reasons, the pop shield and headphones cannot be returned if removed from the packaging and their cost will be deducted from any refund.
    • Refunds are payable by cheque.
    • Goods that have been altered from their original condition in any way cannot be returned.
    • The customer has a duty to take reasonable care of  the products while in their possession and during the cancellation period to maintain them in the condition in which they were supplied by Gary Terzza. If any item of the kit is damaged or use of the goods has gone beyond the right to reasonably inspect and assess the goods, we reserve the right to seek recompense.
    • The customer has a duty to re-package any returned goods in such away as to avoid any damage to the goods whilst in transit back to Gary Terzza (ideally all the original packaging should be used). If the original packaging is not used, the goods must be packaged in such a way that provides the same or equal protection as the original packaging. If this duty to pack the returned goods in an appropriate manner is not met we reserve the right to return the goods to the customer or to seek recompense.
Royalty Free Music
Because of the nature of transferring the royalty free music tracks digitally, purchases are NOT refundable in whole or part.




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                    Professional bundle from Gary Terzza's 
for PC & Mac 
✔   XLR Condenser Microphone for  a warm, clear voice
✔  Shock Mount reduces vibrations
✔  USB Preamp with phantom power
✔   Acoustic Screening helps remove room echo
 Pop Shield prevent those plosives
 Mic Stand solid & weighted
Headphones  adjustable for comfort 
✔  3m XLR Cable maximum flexibility
Technical Support  help with your set up 
  30 Day money back guarantee              


Add-On Purchase: Royalty Free Music tracks
Was £120 NOW £60 (when purchasing kit)

A royalty free collection allowing you to add music to your demos and offer stunning backing tracks to your voice over clients without copyright issues.

Buy Home Recording Kit  
(£350 ex vat) 

Add 10 x HALF PRICE Royalty Free Music Tracks (including commercial license for unlimited use) 
(£50 ex vat)