October 9, 2015

ParentPlus is replacing Edline and is a user friendly way of keeping track of your child’s current grades.  You’ll have access to grades, school memos and more as the year progresses.  In order to receive an activation code send an email to plusportals@vol.org and include (1) your full parent name, (2) all VOL student name(s), and (3) the parent email address you would like the code sent to.

Please look below and click on the October news letter link for all reminders and information for this month. 

Math group tutoring Monday's 3:30-4:30 $20
English/Reading Tutoring Wednesday's 3:30-4:30 $20 (starting Wednesday September 30)

Scholastic Activation code JYK39

No School- Monday October 12th.

Reading: Review new vocabulary on the back of the Family times.

SRA: Review vocabulary flash cards.

Spelling: Review new spelling words.
English: None.

Math: Study review sheet. Test Tuesday October 13th

Social Science:Review study guide. Test October 14th

Religion: Review study guide for test October 13th
**Religion Extra Credit- If your child attends the Sunday Children's Noon Mass and gets the Children's Bulletin, does the activities in the bulletin and gets it signed, they will receive 5 extra points on their Religion test. The bulletin must be turned in on Tuesday before the Religion test.**

**Reading Extra Credit- Every Friday the students tear out the Family Times sheet out of their workbooks. They need to choose one of the activities, complete it, and get the Family Times sheet  signed by their parents. If it is a discussion activity they just need to get the sheet signed. If it is a written activity, they need to write it on a separate sheet of paper and staple it to the Family Times worksheet. If they complete this, they will receive 5 extra points on their Reading test. The Family Times sheet must be turned in signed on Fridays before the Reading test is given.**

Visitation of Our Lady School
Inspiring Catholic Faith and Principles While Encouraging Academic Excellence

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